Aplicaciones con inteligencia artificial para hacer la vida más fácil.

https://www.questgen.ai/  Generate quizzes from any text in one click using AI.

https://www.supermeme.ai/  Turn text into memes using AI Meme Generator. In 110+ languages.

For marketers, educators and influencers.



Prompts increíbles para Chat GPT https://prompts.chat/








Humata – GPT for your files. Humata is like GPT for your files. Ask AI anything about your data. Ask questions about your data and get answers powered by AI instantly.


https://www.debank.com/ Connect with Web3 Users, Talk directly to any 0x address.

https://repper.app/  Make seamless patterns like a pro. Do you wish making motifs was easier? Unlock your creative potential with this simple-yet-powerful pattern maker.

https://www.midjourney.com/app/  Midjourney es un laboratorio independiente de investigación y el nombre de un programa de inteligencia artificial con el cual sus usuarios pueden crear imágenes a partir de descripciones textuales, similar a Dall-e de OpenAI y al Stable Diffusion de código abierto.

https://www.browse.ai/  The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.

Train a robot in 2 minutes. No coding required.
https://vidyo.ai/   Make short videos.from long ones instantly.Create social ready short clips from your long videos with AI ✨ Save 90% time and effort.
https://www.hoppycopy.co/?via=wgmi2 Write high-converting emails, 10x faster. Save countless hours writing. Use AI to generate powerful copy for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more—in seconds
https://www.tango.us/  Tango instantly turns what you know into step-by-step guidance—no videos, meetings, or screen shares required.
https://ingestai.io/?rid=4354 Ingest AI,at Enterprise Scale,Automate business processes with AI to cut costs and empower your teams.
https://fireflies.ai/?gr_pk=85m1&gr_uid=dqWw  Automate your meeting notes. Fireflies.ai helps your team record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations.


https://krisp.ai/?_kx=Zoga1WEzhUkfi3rQ9a1lVDr_MoJSSAjWxj4xewb9T_3fZL4_UD8rAb9y0UMFYYcR.S2D2sX  Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI. Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant.

https://www.humata.ai/?_kx=Zoga1WEzhUkfi3rQ9a1lVDr_MoJSSAjWxj4xewb9T_3fZL4_UD8rAb9y0UMFYYcR.S2D2sX  Ask AI anything about your files. Research 100X Faster.Learn 100X Faster. Create Reports 100X Faster. Analyze Legal Documents 100X Faster.Understand Technical Papers 100X Faster.Ask Questions & Get Answers about any file instantly.


https://glasp.co/youtube-summary?_kx=Zoga1WEzhUkfi3rQ9a1lVDr_MoJSSAjWxj4xewb9T_3fZL4_UD8rAb9y0UMFYYcR.S2D2sX   YouTube Summary with ChatGPT  Get summary of the YouTube videos. Learn better with ChatGPT ❤️

100 Best AI Tools in 2023


https://www.compose.ai/?_kx=Zoga1WEzhUkfi3rQ9a1lVDr_MoJSSAjWxj4xewb9T_3fZL4_UD8rAb9y0UMFYYcR.S2D2sX   Write Faster With AI, Save Time ⚡ Compose AI is a Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion & text generation.

https://fireflies.ai/?gr_pk=85m1&gr_uid=dqWw  Automate yourmeeting notes. Fireflies.ai helps your team record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations.

https://ingestai.io/?rid=4354  Ingest AI at Enterprise Scale Automate business processes with AI to cut costs and empower your teams

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https://www.snipd.com/  Unlock the  knowledge in podcasts Discover and save highlights in podcasts