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The #1 Exercise For Low Back Pain, 4 Must-Do Exercises, Biohacking Late Night & Shift Work, Keto To Carnivore Transition & Much More With “The Chosen” Creator Dallas Jenkins.The Wake-Up Lounge, Italian Dinner Feasts, Travel As Education, “FU” University & Other Massively Important Parenting Principles With Patrick and Laurie Gentempo (Boundless Parenting Book Series).

Q&A 450: Cannabis & Testosterone, The Foods That Fill You Up Fastest, «Non-Responders» To Exercise, Tom Brady’s Workout & Much More!Plant Medicines In Religion, «Journeying» Without Drugs, A Medical Use For Entheogens & Much More With «The Christian Psychedelic» Paul Risse.

Pharmakia, Plant Medicines, Addiction, Escapism, Ayahuasca, Shamanism & The Problem With The “Noble” Use of Drugs With Author Robert Orem.The Official Pickleball Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About How To Train, Eat, Recover, Play & Practice The Fastest Growing Sport In The World, With Tyson McGuffin.

The Intersection Of Energy Medicine, Spirituality & Shocking Medical, Performance, & Recovery Results, With Dr. Jeremy Stich.Natural & Free Ways To Alter Your State Of Mind, Biohacks & Smart Drugs For Mental Upgrades, Biohacking A Healthy Home, Ben’s Top Productivity Tips & Much More!It’s Here! Ben Greenfield’s Wildly Popular Annual Gift Guide: 25 Healthy Gifts For Your 2022 Holiday Shopping Pleasure!

Using AI To Interpret Bloodwork, Creating Genetic Freak Of Nature Athletes, The Most Fancy & Comprehensive Executive Health Program Ever Created, Reversing Disease With Precision Medicine & Much More With Wild Health’s Dr. Matt Dawson.Hormonally-Optimized Couples, Hot & Physically Fit Grandparents, The Gift Of Forgiveness, Outrunning Donuts & Much More With The «OG» Of Fitness Talk Radio Larry North.Precepts: Follow God’s Law, Evil & Ego

Q&A 449: The Best Caffeine Alternatives (& Things That Make Coffee Work Even Better), Why You Need A «Skin Callus», Flawed Red Meat Study, 4 Keys To Happiness & Much More!Guys Who Are Crappy At Making Friends, Why Spanking Can Suck, The Pain & Lessons Of Divorce, Deer Hunting Camps With Boys & Much More With Seth Spears (Boundless Parenting Book Series).Is It Possible To Get Stem Cells Injected Into Every Joint Of Your Body (& If So, What Happens?): The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover.

Could This Be The Final Solution To The Vegetable Oil Problem? The Crazy New Technology Of “Cultured Oil” At Zero Acre Farms, With Jeff Nobbs.The Little-Known Physical Therapy Method That Can Stop Injuries In Their Tracks, Fix Fascia & Amplify Your Recovery & Performance: Counterstrain With Tim Hodges.Precepts: 12 Steps Of Transformation, Trust & Crickets

Q&A 445: The Best New Anti-Aging Compounds, Gut Healing Supplements, What Ben Would Do If He Got Cancer, The Worst Things For Fertility & Much More!The 3 Most Important & Effective Sleep Ingredients To *Finally* Get The Full, Restful Night Of Sleep Your Body & Brain Craves With Angelo Keely.

How Two Middle-Aged Entrepreneurial Parents Completely Transformed & Biohacked Their Health, Fitness, Sex Life & More: The Jim & Jamie Sheils Podcast.Spirit Tech: The Brave New World of Consciousness Hacking and Enlightenment Engineering With Kate Stockly.Precepts: Desire, Lead With Love & The Story Of The Universe

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Everything You Need To Know About Healing Your Gut, Mood, Energy, Libido & Sleep With A Little Known Bacterial Strain (& An Amazing DIY Yogurt Recipe!) With Dr. William Davis, Author of Super Gut.

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Sleep Genetics (& 3 Ways To Crush A Good Night Of Sleep), Why You Get Depressed When You Get Bored, Personalized Exercise & Diet Based on Genetics & Much More With Kashif Khan Of The DNA Company.

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Q&A 444: Peeing At Night, The Latest Tricks For Cognitive Performance, Ketosis Confusion, Muscle Cramping Fixes, Microdosing & More!How To Operate On The Cutting Edge Of Physical & Mental Performance With Ryan “The Birdman” Parrott Of The Human Performance Project.Precepts: Trust vs. Temptation, Don’t Kill Your Ego & Light Beings.My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

A Guide To Monitoring Human Stress (& How To Use HRV, Breathwork, Stress Resiliency & Biofeedback) With Jay Wiles Of HANU Health.Why I Am No Longer Going To Be Using «Plant Medicines»: Part 2Precepts: Encounters, Create Or Escape, Chess.

Q&A 443: The Latest On Diet, Supplements & Cognition, Melatonin, Natural Testosterone Boosters, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Managing Inflammation & Much More!Ben Greenfield’s Favorite Workouts, Building a Generational Legacy, Biohacking On a Budget, & Much More: Part 2 of Ben’s Talk at the Health Optimisation Summit.Ben’s Secret Hawaiian Hotspot For Superfoods & The Healing Power Of Herbs: 5 Practices & Pairings For Deepening Your Mind-Body Connection With Plants.My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Everything You Need To Know About Amino Acids, Animal Vs. Plant Protein, How Much Protein You Need & Much, Much More With Kion’s Angelo Keely.Bodybuilding, Biohacking, Biometrics Testing, Children As Mini-Adults, What Ben’s Reading & More With Roger Snipes.

The “Softer Side” of Biohacking, Parenting Strategies, How Ben Stays in Top Shape While Traveling & More with Reconditioned Podcast Host Lauren Vaknine.How To Raise Kids Who Aren’t Sheeple, Who Swim Upstream & Who Can Gracefully Engage In Divergent Thinking & The Art of Insubordination, With Todd Kashdan.My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

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Boundless Parenting: How To Raise Happy, World-Changing & Impactful Children, With Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Naveen Jain.

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The Humility Of The Hero: A Call To Action (& 4 Ways To Be The Hero The World Needs Right Now)

Morning Fitness, Optimizing Hydration, Screentime Management, Sleep Tips, Cognitive Biases & Other Uber-Helpful Life Hacks With Modern Wisdom’s Chris Williamson.Quantum Biology, Breaking Performance Records, Reversing Alzheimers, Ozone Suppositories, Frog Poison & More With Crazy Mad Scientist, Biohacker & Inventor Ian Mitchell.Stand, Sit, Move: How to Hack Your Workplace Ergonomics So You Can Maximize Focus, Energy & Mobility at Your Desk.My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

The Ultimate Detoxification Guide: How To Use Supplements, Saunas, Skin Brushing & More To Quickly & Safely Clean Up Your Body: An Official «Runga» Q&A.Personal Freedom, Social Media Addiction, Farming, Structured Water, Personal Productivity & More With Ben Greenfield & Kyle Kingsbury.A Simple Technology To Neutralize Stress In Minutes, Tap Into A Deep State Of Relaxation, Improve Your HRV, Sleep, Sports Performance, & More.My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.