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Hi Peter. How are you?
I am trying the new BT2 program. I think its great because it is much faster to use and easier. I am writing to see if you can add these things in the program to make it more user friendly(at least, to my from my perspective).
Can you draw 4 squares like in the image provided to make it easy to know from where to where is the channel 1, channel 2 and so on.
Also, in each channel, can you highlight in red the two inhibits, and put in green all the rewards.
With the squares and the red highlights and green highlights its easy to know from where to where is the channel 1, channel 2, so I can put for example this protocol: T3T4T5T6 / FRE – FRE4C / Ch1,3(INH1(6-13),REW(13-21)) Ch2,4(INH(19-39) REW(9-13)) / OA/OC.
Also, can you add the feature to save the protocols, when I saved the protocol, I would save the protocol as this «01.L(A1A2) / T3T4T5T6)) EO/EC, this way I know that in order, I have to do the first protocol, and know where to put the electrodes, when I am done with the number one protocol I go to the «02.R(A2) / F4F8C4P4 EO/EC», and it more easy for me because I dont have to put the presets because they are saved. It saves time, and makes the customer experience more pleasurable.
With the new BT2 software that is faster, I have to load the presets again on each protocol that has to be put with the presets.
It would be great if you can add the saving function. Thanks for your help.