Curious Refuge – Movie Video Tools – Herramientas para hacer videos y películas.

To create videos, you can do this process.

1.ChatGPT: Write a prompt for the video and ask ChatGPT to make 10 different prompt sentences.

2. Dalle: Choose the ones that you like the most and ask ChatGPT to create the image with Dall-e.

3. Midjourney: then do the image in Midjourney.

4. Pika Labs. Then upload the image in Pika Labs and try the different prompts.

5. Pixverse. Go to pixverse to try the prompt.

6. Genmo. Go to Genmo and try the prompt.

7. Zebracat. Go to Zebracat y try de prompt.

8. Lumalabs. Try with lumalabs.

9. Try with Vidnoz.

10. Run-way. When you have a good result, go to Run-way.

Ideas and Scriptwriting.



Text to Image Tools.

Midjourney  $10 por mes, $30 por mes, $60 por mes.

Midjourney Discord Channel

Stable Image Generator Diffusion Web.

Stable Diffusion Prompts.


Adobe Firefly. $30 por mes, 360 dolares al año.


Object Removal Images (Inpainting).

Canva 6.5 dolares por mes,

Photoshop Generative Fill

Object Removal Video (Inpainting).

Runway 15 dólares al mes, 35 dólares al mes, 95 dólares al mes

Image to Video.

Runway Gen 2 Runway-3

Pika Labs. 10 dólares al mes, 35 dólares al mes, 70 dólares al mes

Stable Diffusion Video Creation Hugging Face

Stable Diffusion Story Diffusion Hugging Face

PhotoVibrance Paralax

Prompt to Video.

Runway Gen 2

Pika Labs

Video to Stylized Video.

Runway Gen 1

Quick Animation.

Leiapix (Now Known as Immensity)

Upscaling Video.

Topaz Labs Video $300.

Smoothing Footage for Slow Motion.

Runway Super Slow Video

Topaz Labs Video (Also a Good Tool)

Voice Over / Dubbing.

Elevenlabs. 5 dólares por mes, 22 dólares por mes, 99 dólares por mes.



Heygen 59 dólares por mes


Music Creation.

Soundful 5 dólares por mes.

SoundDraw 40 dólares por mes, 60 dólares por mes, 100 dólares por mes. We are excited to release our Audio Input feature, where you can make a song from any sound!

Udio 10 dólares por mes, 30 dólares por mes.

Stable Audio 12 dólares por mes, 30 dólares por mes, 90 dólares por mes.

Royalty Free Music.

Pixabay (Free)

Artlist 10 dólares por mes, 17 dólares por mes, 30 dólares por mes, 40 dólares al mes.

Soundstripe 10 dólares por mes, 20 dólares por mes.

Outcropping (Frame Extension).

Runway Infinite Image

Photoshop Generative Fill


Upscaling Images.

Topaz Labs

BigJPG 6 dólares por mes, 12 dólares por mes, 22 dólares por mes

Runway Upres Tool


The Best AI Tool for Quick Depth Maps.