Curious Refuge – Week 1 – Assignment.

Pitch: Presentation software for fast-moving teams // Pitch is presentation software that enables any team to quickly create sleek decks that get

developing a pitch for your creative idea.

share your creative vision visually through a solid logline and storyboard, anything more is just a bonus.

In addition to the assignment below, we’d also love to encourage you to share your assignments on social media. Be sure to tag @CuriousRefuge when you share and use the hashtag #aifilmmaking to share your assignment. Many students have received job opportunities by sharing their homework, so you never know who might see your work.

Assignment Level 1 ():

  • Use ChatGPT to Create a Story Concept for a Film
  • Flesh Out the Basic Story and Structure
  • Create 4-6 Images representing what you want the visual style of your film to look like.
  • Upload the following to the Week 1 Assignment Discord Channel. You can access that channel here.
    • A 2-3 sentence ‘pitch’ for what your film will be. Include the core concept and basic story arc.
    • 4-6 images representing the visual style of your film. These images should be created by you in Midjourney (don’t use other people’s images).
    • Note: Be sure to upload the images at the same time. If you upload them one by one your storyboard may be blended in with someone else.

Assignment Level 2 (⭐⭐):

  • Create a Pitch Deck for your film idea using a tool like Canva
  • Include information on your story, characters, and the tone of your film. (Explore the Advanced Pitch Deck module for more info)
  • Upload a PDF of your Pitch Deck to the Week 1 Assignment Discord Channel. You can access that channel here.

Assignment Level 3 (⭐⭐⭐):

  • Create a Video Pitch for Your Idea
  • Record Your Voice (or an AI Voice) explaining what your film is all about.
  • You can make it extra spicy by adding in music or sound effects.
  • No need to go overboard, this is just week #1. If you don’t know how to edit video just yet, no sweat. We’ll cover that next week.
  • Upload a video (or link) of your video pitch to the Week 1 Assignment Discord Channel. You can access that channel here.

Important Note: This is your first week’s assignment. As such, please do not worry about character consistency or face replacements. The assignment is designed to help you communicate the visual style of your idea, not to have 100% consistent imagery. If you run into a creative problem, try reprompting. Otherwise, tune in next week for many more lessons about advanced art direction and consistency. The goal is to simply become familiarized with the tools.


Homework Example (Level 1).

In the middle of a decaying city, a laboratory harbors a revolutionary discovery – orbs of energy that can slow down or speed up time locally. However, improper handling causes a massive temporal distortion, throwing different parts of the city into various time velocities. As the dystopian world begins to crumble faster due to time disparities, the scientists must navigate the city, master the laws of the orbs, and restore the normal flow of time before the city disappears entirely into the time vortex.