Denas PCM para el dolor crónico. $333.

DENAS-PCM-6 is revolutionary therapy device which achieves extraordinary results. DENAS is sensation in the world of pocket-size physiotherapy devices for Professional, Clinical and Home use to address chronic pain and other health issues. The DENAS PCM 6 is based on SCENAR technology that was created for use by the Russian Space Program decades ago. The PCM 6 is the sixth generation developed by DENAS MS Corporation over decades of research. The DENAS medical team was able to utilize their clinics to expand their knowledge of frequency based therapy and develop more programs and frequency choice that makes the DENAS PCM 6 a step ahead of basic SCENAR.






NEURODENS-PCM: even more to the healing frequencies, and that means even more opportunities for eliminating acute and chronic pain; – more opportunities to conduct high-quality medical rehabilitation to patients of all ages, including infants; – prevention of diseases, including those caused by chronic stress.


New ergonomic body with colorful display
Special hollows for fingers on the back panel, comfortable location of the buttons, the streamline,       subelongated form of the body – NEURODENS-PCM is good for holding in the hand and it is very comfortable to work with it even during long sessions. New color LCD display with polycarbonate glass – durable and completely transparent.

New detailed treatment protocols directly on the display
The most important innovation which is highly estimated by both a beginner and an experienced user is that NEURODENS-PCM is equipped with an electronic instruction for using programs (which has been offered in the paper variant so far). A color picture with the zone on which the device should be put appears on the display when the patient chooses a needed program in the menu of “Express Therapy”. After the procedure is finished on the selected zone (at the session there is a countdown timer), the sound signal is given, and then a picture of the next zone appears.

New menu in English and 4 languages more

NEURODENS-PCM allows you to switch between one of the five languages installed – Russian, English, German, French and Italian.
New improved mode: “ Children’s Doctor”

Before then there was only one regimen for children. NEURODENS-PCM has 4 different children regimens depending on the age:
*from 0 to 1 year *from 1 to 3 years; *from 4 to 7 years *from 8 to 12 years 

In addition, depending on the age automatically changes the time of stimulation, and set modes to «Express therapy»: for each age group are offered the treatment program.

24 inbuilt therapeutic programs

All possible therapeutic frequencies from 0,1 Hz to 200 Hz, including two new: 125 Hz and modulated 7720.
The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild analgesic effect. Due to this frequency the mechanism of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses is increased. “77 20” gives the pronounced vascular (regulates the vascular tone), antiedematous and lymphatic drainage effects.

NEURODENS-PCM is a portable physiotherapy device for treating and preventing illness in adults and children.

Advanced treatment options with visualised action zones on the colour display.

The «Programmes» menu

24 treatment programmes for treating frequent illnesses and conditions.

In automated programmes, a combination of treatment frequencies is already predetermined, and information is always shown on the display where it’s necessary to attach the device

The «Frequency» menu
Optional choice of treatment frequency in the range of 1 to 200 Hz for individual procedures to be made taking the diagnosis into account.

Frequencies from 1 to 9.9 Hz – Infra-low frequencies are used to construct an individual procedure taking the diagnosis into account.

Frequency 10, 20 Hz — correction of psychic emotional state and hormonal disorders.

Frequency 60, 77, 125, 140 Hz — universal frequency against pain, swelling and inflammation.

Frequency 200 Hz  —  quick removal of pain in acute injury

77АМ  modulated frequency with toning effect, allows to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, restore strength and increase the ability to work

1077 – modulated frequency with relaxing effect, excels in correction of arterial pressure, treatment of stress and its consequences, suitable for all pain relief schemes.

2077 – modulated anti-swelling and pain relieving frequency. It’s used to treat pain and restore blood circulation.

MED (minimum effective dose) — programme for action on biologically active points. It’s used for rehabilitation after physical and mental overload, disease prevention

Screening – special mode helps to find trouble zones and specify a zone for another application.

Child doctor – possibility of determining the optimal possibility and the procedure duration, a variety of programmes for procedures carried out on small children.

The portability and multi-functionality of the NEURODENS-PCM physiotherapy device is linked to the availability and maximum comfort at the required time and place.   $234.