Destrezas Técnicas – Aplicaciones que José Julio Córdova utiliza.

Durable website is packed with features to make your business stand out, including:

  • Automatic regeneration of text and images using AI
  • A library of thousands of professional photos
  • Image carousels, reviews, icon lists, and embedded video
  • Contact forms linked to your CRM
  • Built in analytics and web hosting
  • A custom domain name (free with any plan)

If you haven’t customized your site exactly how you want, right now is the best time to make it happen.

Durable offers a subscription service that provides web hosting, a custom domain, an AI Assistant, Invoicing, CRM, and more.

speechify.   /// Speechify es una extensión de Chrome para dispositivos móviles y una aplicación de escritorio que lee texto en voz alta utilizando una voz de texto a voz generada por computadora. La aplicación también utiliza tecnología de reconocimiento óptico de caracteres para convertir libros físicos o texto impreso en audio.

Congratulations on creating a Speechify Voice Over Studio project

We built Speechify Voice Over Studio to allow anyone to create lifelike voice overs to narrate text, videos, explainers, books, scripts – anything you have – in any style

Here’s how others are using Voice Over:

  • E-learning and training materials
  • Explainer or Youtube videos
  • Google Slides voice-over plugin
  • Ads and commercials
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • Telephony & interactive voice systems
  • Many more!

whimsical. Whimsical is a unified workspace for thinking and collaboration, where you can create docs and boards with mind maps, flowcharts, wireframes and sticky notes. The fast, intuitive interface is perfect for: Ideation.

Jasper.   /// Creativity Unleashed — Elevate your marketing strategy with Jasper’s enterprise-strong foundation. Jasper: The secure, privacy-focused AI solution for innovative marketing. Ideate with velocity. Try for free.

Yousician es un servicio de música educativo e interactivo finlandés creado para aprender y tocar un instrumento musical. Actualmente es compatible con los siguientes instrumentos musicales: guitarra, piano, ukelele, bajo y voz.

Camtasia.  /// Camtasia, anteriormente Camtasia Studio y Camtasia para Mac, es una suite o conjunto de programas, creados y publicados por TechSmith, ​ para crear tutoriales en vídeo y presentaciones vía screencast, o a través de un plug-in de grabado directo en Microsoft PowerPoint. TechSmith is the #1 global provider of screen capture and screen recording software. Create and share images and videos for better training, tutorials,   // TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND JOIN MYVIRAL // I hope you enjoy this free site and step-by-step guide. Start by taking one easy step: decide to dive in! All you need to do to get rolling is sign up for our AI Startup Guide and hit follow on our social platforms. Easy, right? Once you’re in, we’ll send you all the juicy details on what comes next in your adventure to build an AI startup. Get ready to learn, have a blast, make some cash, and rack up invaluable experience on AI for Business. Let’s make it happen together!   /// Open Source alternative to OpenAI Assistants API Superflows makes it easy to add an AI assistant to a software product. This lets users ask questions in natural language and the assistant makes calls to the. Add an AI Copilot to your SaaS product. Build and deploy an AI Copilot in a day. It connects to your API, letting users get answers and perform tasks via chat.

Youtube: «how to use ai to build websites fast»

Youtube: «how to program business chatbots» Para hacer videos, 30 dólares. // Software de CRM gratuito — Utiliza herramientas con IA para agilizar el trabajo, alinear todas las áreas y crecer. Genera leads, cierra negocios y crea una experiencia inigualable para tus clientes.

Google Business Pro.




Google Maps.

Google Sheets.

Mail Chimp.  /// The essential tool for ambitious, growing businesses. Create powerful videos with Pictory.  /// Use Creatify text-to-video AI — Use AI to create your next product video, demo, or ad in a single click with Creatify. Create…   /// Generate Al videos with just text. Instantly turn your text inputs into publish-worthy videos. Invideo Al video generator simplifies the process, generating the script and adding video clips, subtitles, background music, and transitions. Add finishing touches with an intuitive editor. Create videos at scale without any learning curve!  /// Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.

Las pantallas interactivas estimulan la motivación y el aprendizaje en el aula. ¡Descubre ya la pantalla digital interactiva Promethean!  // HeyGen is an AI video generator that uses generative AI to streamline your video creation process. It offers 120+ AI avatars, 300+ voices, and 300+ templates for various use cases, including product marketing, health care, sales outreach, and learning & development.

A new medium for presenting ideas. · Powered by AI. · Beautiful presentations, documents, and websites. No design or coding skills required. · More videos on …

Gamma app is an AI software that can generate presentations, documents, and webpages. It can create decks and docs with a simple prompt, but you can also upload your files or paste content to give the AI some background about your presentation. A new medium for presenting ideas. · Powered by AI. · Beautiful presentations, documents, and websites. No design or coding skills required. · More videos on …  /// Generate interface designs at lightning speed. Galileo AI is a UI generation platform for easy and fast design ideation   /// Relevance AI is the home of the AI Workforce. Enabling anyone to build autonomous AI teams and put their processes on autopilot. Relevance AI te permite analizar y visualizar datos no estructurados sin necesidad de tener conocimientos en programación. Imagina todas las posibilidades que se abren al tener acceso a información valiosa sin barreras técnicas. Con Relevance AI tomarás decisiones estratégicas de forma sencilla y eficiente. AI Agents.  /// Bardeen’s Automation Field Guide. AI is here. Products launch every day promising to replace your job. We believe AI should make you better at your job instead. AI is here. Products launch every day promising to replace your job. We believe AI should make you better at your job instead. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Bard image generation. As we kick off 2024, we’re launching our most colorful feature yet: image generation. So whether you want to mock up a futuristic car or just need an image of a Yeti wearing sunglasses—if you can think it, Bard can create it. Have fun exploring!   /// Best text to audio solution  // Download projects in MP3 format for explainers, audiobooks, documentaries, animations, news reports, and more  //  //  Free Online DIY Courses: Alisons free online DIY courses will give you invaluable tips about how to carry out many home improvement projects yourself. They range from planning and designing refurbishments to practical, hands-on skills that will help you maintain your home for years to come.

Voiceflow is the collaborative AI agent building platform for teams to design, develop, and launch chat and voice experiences at scale.  // Voiceflow is the collaborative AI agent building platform for teams to design, develop, and launch chat and voice experiences at scale.

Getting Accurate AI Answers in Voiceflow   // $67  /// Google Cloud Platform te permite crear, implementar y escalar aplicaciones, sitios web y servicios en la misma infraestructura que Google.

Bubbler // Bubble es un lenguaje de programación visual, una plataforma de desarrollo sin código y una plataforma de aplicaciones como servicio, desarrollada por Bubble Group, que permite a personas sin conocimientos técnicos crear aplicaciones web sin necesidad de escribir código


Getting Started with Buildbox 4: How to Make an Entire Game Using AI Prompts

AI Prompts

Below, you can find all of the AI prompts used in the video. You can also watch and follow along using the BBDOC (Buildbox game file) link above. 

  • Prompt 1: Make the sky and the ground look like I’m on Mars
  • Prompt 2: Add a ship lift, spaceship, and Gazer 
  • Prompt 3: Stack 3 small platforms
  • Prompt 4: When player stands on a small platform change the platform to a random color and remove it after 3 seconds
  • Prompt 5: End the game after 30 seconds
  • Prompt 6: When the player runs into the spaceship he wins
  • Prompt 7: When the lift has a player on it start the lift moving upwards after a 2 second delay
  • Prompt 8: When the player hits a Gazer the player gets hurt
  • Prompt 9: When the player is out of life end the game
  • Prompt 10: Make the Gazer patrol in a square 
  • Prompt 11: Turn fog on
  • Prompt 12: Set the Gazer on fire // Record better, faster video messages with AI. Hit record and Loom AI will do the rest · Record and share your videos 60% faster · Build and ship quicker with AI workflows · Messages always land with Loom AI. Mindsmith combines the customizability of eLearning with the power of generative AI to help you create powerful lessons and resources. Try it for free! $39/month.  BigQuery + Softr: Unlock Your Data Warehouse,

What is the use of Softr. Simple, yet powerful
  • Memberships. Easy user accounts. …
  • Payments. Accept payments in minutes. …
  • SEO. Responsive and fast. …
  • Gated content. Page level visibility rules. …
  • Untapped Capital VC firm keeps its LPs informed with investor portal built with Softr.  // Foster inclusive and collaborative learning. Wooflash is an intelligent microlearning platform based on neuroscience and adaptive learning that drastically improves the quality of training.  ///Do more with Webhooks by Zapier integrations. Zapier lets you connect Webhooks by Zapier with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Airtable: The platform to build next‒gen apps Airtable is a low‒code platform to build next‒gen apps. Move beyond rigid tools, operationalize your critical data, and reimagine workflows with AI.  // Quora:** Quora is a question and answer platform where users ask questions, provide answers and share their knowledge and experience on various topics. It is intended for more in-depth and informative discussions. — **Reddit:** Reddit is a platform for collecting and discussing social news.

Crear Shorts de YouTube haciendo remixes de contenido

Usa nuestras herramientas de creación de Shorts para darle tu toque personal al contenido que más te gusta. Desata tu creatividad y usa las opciones disponibles para crear remixes con audio o vídeo de otro contenido de YouTube.

Los Shorts que incluyen remixes de contenido se atribuyen a la obra original, lo que te ofrece una excelente oportunidad para dar a conocer tu contenido a nuevos usuarios.

Haz que tus vídeos sean accesibles y llega a nuevas audiencias

¿Quieres hacer crecer tu canal? Si añades subtítulos a tus vídeos podrás llegar a más usuarios, entre los que puede estar tu próximo colaborador, tu fan más entregado o tu suscriptor más reciente. Echa un vistazo a estas cuatro formas de añadir subtítulos a tus vídeos en YouTube Studio.

Mejora tu estrategia de contenido sacando partido a las tendencias de búsqueda

Para descubrir qué están buscando tu audiencia y el resto de la comunidad de YouTube, consulta la pestaña Investigación de Estadísticas de YouTube. Planifica tu estrategia fácilmente, identifica lagunas de contenido y crea vídeos que encajen con los intereses de tu audiencia.

Únete a la diversión con Colab de Shorts

La próxima vez que veas una idea que te guste en tu feed de Shorts, haz que también sea tuya creando contenido con Colab. Elige un vídeo que te guste y haz tu versión. Por ejemplo, puedes reaccionar a una tendencia con el formato de pantalla dividida o con otros diseños divertidos. Obtén más información sobre cómo usar Colab en tus Shorts. Disponible en Android e iOS.

Llega a nuevas audiencias colaborando con creadores interesantes.

Marques Brownlee, un creador de YouTube también conocido como MKBHD, explica que colaborar con otros creadores puede servir para ampliar la audiencia de tu canal y ofrecer contenido novedoso. En su vídeo, Marques da consejos sobre los aspectos en los que debes fijarte a la hora de elegir a tus colaboradores y cómo puedes ponerte en contacto con ellos.

Mejora tu estrategia de contenido con tendencias de búsqueda

Descubre qué están buscando tu audiencia y el resto de la comunidad de YouTube consultando la pestaña Investigación de Estadísticas de YouTube. Planifica tu estrategia fácilmente, identifica lagunas de contenido y crea vídeos que encajen con los intereses de tu audiencia.

Creador Emergente

En su canal The College Cuber, Dylan Sadiq usa cubos de Rubik para hacer mosaicos con representaciones de deportistas, raperos y gamers famosos. Descubre cómo este creador consigue combinar los subtítulos, la narrativa y las ediciones divertidas para crear Shorts que llaman la atención.

Llega a nuevos usuarios en Shorts con las emisiones en directo verticales

¡Las emisiones en directo verticales ya están aquí! Aprovecha la pantalla completa del móvil para ofrecer una experiencia de visualización que afiance aún más la relación con tu audiencia en Shorts. Aprende a iniciar una emisión en directo vertical.

Crea en YouTube cuando y donde quieras

La inspiración puede llegar en cualquier momento. Por eso mismo, la aplicación YouTube para móviles hace que sea fácil crear, editar y publicar vídeos desde cualquier lugar. Ya sea con Shorts divertidos o con emisiones en directo en los momentos más oportunos, conecta con tu comunidad a través de la aplicación YouTube para móviles.

Creadora Emergente

Joyce Chun, también conocida como @joycechunvlogs, crea contenidos únicos inspirándose en su identidad y cultura coreana-norteamericana. Descubre cómo aprovecha diversos formatos, desde vlogs de viajes hasta vídeos para amantes de la comida, para así mantener el interés de su comunidad.

Construct 3: Game Making Software

Construct 3 is the worlds best game making software. Make your own game in your browser without coding or with Javascript. Building games has never been …

Appy Pie.

Our pricing plans are below.:
Plan type Gold Platinum
Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly
App Only $36 $360 $60 $600
Essential $65 $650 $105 $1,050

Link de para usar en el Whatsapp.

Inspired by the success of our AI assistant, the YOU API is here to provide any AI chatbot and LLM project with the same accuracy and up-to-date information you’ve come to love on

Here’s how it makes a difference:

Know someone who’s a developer or innovating in AI? Share our API with them. They can start with a free trial.

If you’re a developer, get your API key for the Web Search and News endpoints.

To get an API key for the RAG endpoint or for any other questions, please email the YOU API team.

Need more information about our API? Learn how to use it.

Read more about the YOU API in TechCrunch.

Check out our blog post for more details about the YOU API

1. How do I use in WhatsApp? | •

It’s called Create Mode, and you can transform your wildest ideas into images. Excited? You should be. In just a few seconds, you can create stunning visuals and one-of-a-kind graphics in any style.

Prompt: A clear glass piggy bank sitting on a bright, well-lit desk, next to a neatly placed, open book with a visible calculator and hourglass beside it.
Prompt: A prototype for a high-end subscription box for exotic tea leaves.
We’re excited to announce the latest enhancement to  Genius Mode. You can now summarize any URL, including YouTube videos. Whether you want highlights from your favorite podcast or a breakdown of the latest research, Genius Mode will get you insights fast.

Here’s how Genius Mode will save you hours:

Summarize URLs: Type any URL into the chat (including YouTube) and ask questions. Genius mode will review the content, and get you answers fast.

Chat with files: Click the paperclip in the query bar to upload files such as PDFs, images, and text (up to 20MB) and get instant insights.

 Data visualization: Easily navigate complex data. Simply pose your question and transform raw numbers into insightful visuals.

Get 50% off unlimited, AI-powered upskilling.

  • 480+ interactive courses: Python, ChatGPT, SQL, R, Power BI, and more

  • Validate new skills with Forbes’ #1 ranked certification program

  • Hands-on learning, portfolio-building projects, and career tracks for all levels

Discover how we help businesses here.
75 dollars per year.
Vocal Media is a mission-driven media company that helps social change movements integrate with the cutting edge of internet culture.
Easy scheduling ahead. Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to find the perfect time — and so much more.  // Speak Languages Better. on a nonprofit language-learning platform focused on speaking. Get free language coaching on your speaking with 1000s of fun exercises.
Wonder Dynamics.  / $20 per month.
AI-Powered CG Animation Online – Revolutionize VFX with
Wonder Studio AI automates 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work and leaves the artist with the remaining “subjective” work, which can be exported into the software …
4.2 ★ – Make engaging videos with voiceovers with this Video GPT! // Discover your potential with the ultimate. AI writing companion. Paraphraser. Rewrite sentences. Spice up your writing and get a fresh perspective with full-sentence rewrites. Grammar Checker. Fix mistakes Eliminate embarrassing errors and polish your papers with one click. Plagiarism Checker. Prevent plagiarism. Avoid unintentional plagiarism. Easily check your work for missed citations. AI Detector
Analyze text. Instantly detect any writing that may be AI-generated. Summarizer. Summarize text. Save time reading and get the key points of any lengthy documents.
Citation Generator. Cite sources. Skip boring bibliographies and generate accurate citations in seconds. Power up with Premium. Unlock 8+ paraphrasing modes, unlimited inputs, advanced rewrites, and much more.

Monthly $9.95 USD billed monthly
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100% money-back guarantee. Try Premium for 3 days. If you’re not happy, we’ll give you a full refund.
Pause your subscription. Taking a break? Your subscription pauses when you do.   // offers a cloud-based suite for audio and video editing, conversion, and compression, making media manipulation accessible and efficient for all user level.

Leonardo.AI. Creativity, Unleashed. Leverage generative AI with a unique suite of tools to convey your ideas to the world. Voice Cloning Made Simple. Clone Your Voice to Sing, Speak, and Beyond… $10/month

AIPRM for ChatGPT. Q3: How does AIPRM enhance creativity in writing? AIPRM provides meticulously crafted prompts that fuel creativity by guiding writers down uncharted paths and suggesting new techniques for writing.   //Autodesk, Inc., es una compañía estadounidense dedicada al software de diseño en 2D y 3D para las industrias de manufacturas, infraestructuras, construcción, medios y entretenimiento y datos transmitidos vía inalámbrica. Autodesk es mayormente conocida por sus softwares como Autocad, Revit, entre otros.

wordupapp   / Discover WordUp, your ultimate AI-powered tool to master English words, whether you’re a beginner, advanced or even a native. Dive into a fun and lively way of learning, making every word memorable. With WordUp, learning English is not just easy, it’s enjoyable for everyone, everywhere.

Perfect your English with words that matter. English has over 200,000 words. But you’ll never need them all. Imagine you knew exactly which words matter in your life.

¿Por qué Babbel? Porque aprenderás un idioma de verdad, no solo palabras.

Notion: Notion es un software de gestión de proyectos y para tomar notas. Está diseñado para ayudar a los miembros de una empresa u organización a coordinar plazos, objetivos y tareas en áreas de la eficiencia y la productividad.


YouTube’s AI Dream Tracks can now generate instrumentals from simple text prompts.

Wegic is a revolutionary AI web design and development tool that democratizes website creation through its user-friendly, chat-based interface.
Larq is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence tool designed to revolutionize the way we conduct and assess learning through real-time communication. At its core, Larq focuses on enhancing the educational experience by converting live meeting sessions into interactive quizzes. This unique approach allows educators, employers, and online course creators to evaluate and enhance the retention and understanding of information among participants. With its ability to create quizzes from live sessions, YouTube video links, PDFs, and meeting texts, Larq stands out as a versatile and innovative tool for anyone looking to assess and improve real-time communication and learning effectiveness. Unlock the power of AI to transform your search experience, delivering precise answers and creative insights instantly. Perplexity, también denominado Perplexity AI, es un motor de búsqueda conversacional, comercializado como un «motor de respuestas», que responde consultas utilizando texto predictivo en lenguaje natural.​

Say What You See. Aprenda el arte de generar imágenes con la ayuda de Google AI.–US&utm_content=google–gwg__med–email__cam–ai-launch__geo–US__con–google

AI Essentials


In under 10 hours of self-paced study, you’ll learn how to use generative AI tools to help boost productivity and enhance your work. You’ll also learn how to write effective prompts and use AI responsibly by identifying AI’s potential biases and avoiding harm.


Course curriculum:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Maximize Productivity With AI Tools
  • Discover the Art of Prompt Engineering
  • Use AI Responsibly
  • Stay Ahead of the AI Curve Design workflows with Make. From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, build and automate anything in one powerful visual platform.

substack  // If you’re wondering”What is Substack meaning?” the simple answer is that it’s a website providing a user-friendly platform for writers and journalists. Substack cuts through the complexities and costs of traditional publishing, allowing creators to share their work and directly monetize it. Substack is an American online platform that allows journalists, writers, and other content creators to publish newsletters and establish a subscription-based audience. It provides tools for authors to create and distribute their newsletters, manage subscriptions, and monetize content via subscriptions.17 feb  // 40 dollars per month.

beehiiv — The newsletter platform built for growth
Create. The most powerful editing and design tools in email. Warning: A writing experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced – proceed with caution.

Flair AI is a revolutionary image creation tool for businesses. It can create stunning visuals to promote or market your brand’s products on online platforms. It also allows image editing options.

template showing editor features. Cosas increíbles que Wepik puede hacer por ti. Generador de Textos con IA.
Agilice sus procesos de redacción con IA. Mejore sin esfuerzo su proceso de creación de contenidos.
AI Writer. Creador de presentaciones con IA.
Utilice la IA para optimizar sus presentaciones. Transforma ideas en diapositivas cautivadoras, ¡posibilidades ilimitadas! AI Presentation
Texto a imagen

Convierte las palabras en arte con el Generador de IA. Describe, crea y da vida a increíbles imágenes con IA.
Programador de redes sociales

Gestión de redes sociales sin esfuerzo. Diseña y programa tus publicaciones sin salir de Wepik.
Social Media Scheduler
Borrador de Fondos

La magia de un clic para eliminar fondos de fotos. ¡Eliminar y rediseñar en un abrir y cerrar de ojos!
Background Remover
Kit de marca

Construye un Kit con tus elementos de marca y accede o utiliza tu logotipo, fuentes y colores de forma sencilla siempre que los necesites.
Brand kit
Empieza a crear diseños increíbles

Usa el editor online, y tu imaginación hará el resto. ¡Conseguirás el resultado que buscas con un par de clics!
Todo lo que Wepik puede hacer por tu negocio

El diseño gráfico, ¡más fácil que nunca! Puedes crear diseños increíbles para tu negocio en tan solo unos minutos.

Clean up audio for free with Adobe Podcast AI
Enhance Speech makes voice recordings sound as if they were recorded in a professional podcasting studio.

The easy slideshow maker with music. Join millions of people creating and sharing videos with our free slideshow video maker. No experience necessary.   /// ScribeHow is an innovative software application designed to make your workflow management more accessible and more efficient. Try ScribeHow for Free. Let your documentation do all the work for you. Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. Scribe Create Step-by-Step Guides — Fast. Scribe documents your processes for you. Build visual guides with text, links and screenshots instantly. To make tutorials, of how to teach or make something.   /// Get Now — If you have trouble focusing, Brain Fm has the custom music you need to stay productive. Our music is designed with your brain in mind. We run experiments & know what works.   // Envato is a world-leading online community for creative assets, tools and talent. Discover how we help people bring their creative ideas to life. $16 per month. Unlimited downloads of stock videos, royalty-free music, photos, graphics, graphic templates & more. The only creative subscription you need. Skool is an innovative online community platform that provides interactive learning and networking. It is a dynamic space where you can create courses, foster discussions, and build a community of like-minded people. Try Skool for Free. Skool Pros & Cons.

Stunning royalty-free images & royalty-free stock
Over 4.4 million+ high quality stock images, videos and music shared by our talented community.

The best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators.

Project-Aeon: Convert Text into Monetizable Video. Aeon creates high quality video for every piece of written content you publish.

84%: Incremental inventory and revenue.
82%: of site traffic is based on video consumption, but less than 16% of publisher pages feature relevant video.