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With VideoExpressAI you can effortlessly turn your ideas into captivating videos with mind-blowing AI features not seen in other apps…

+ AI Prompt To Video: Turn your thoughts into captivating AI videos in seconds.
+ AI Image to Video: Effortlessly transform static images into dynamic video clips.
+ AI Video Inpainting: Transform any static element within a video with a prompt.
+ AI Video Motion Brush: Animate and add motion to any part of your video.
+ AI Video Prompt Writer:
Stuck on ideas? Let our AI suggest creative prompts.
+ Timeline Video Editor: Create long-length videos with your AI-generated clips.
+ Subtitles and Captions: Add attention grabbing subtitles in various style to your videosin seconds.
+ AI Text-to-Speech: Choose from 100’s of voices to add life to your videos.
+ Screen & Voice Recorder: 
Merge your own content and voice into AI videos.
+ Animations & Text Effects: Add flair to videos with ease with transitions, text effects and animations.

Plus, so much more. Nothing like this available in the market with all the features!

VideoExpress Tutorial: Create Cinematic AI Videos With A Prompt

VideoExpress New Features Added & Secret Video Script Writing Strategies Tutorials

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Released May 31, 2024

⭐ New Fast Cut Styles added

⭐ Automatically align clips – Click Here

⭐ Change Speed filter for videos – Click Here

⭐ Added 9:16 Portrait videos
(Now with higher quality and resolution)

⭐ VidSubitle Integration – Click Here


Released April 5, 2024

⭐ AI Text to Sound Effects

⭐ VideoExpress Affiliate Program

Unlock The Features Here – Click Here


Released April 1, 2024

⭐ Motion Brush is Live – Tutorial Here


Released March 29, 2024

⭐ Video Object Removal is Live – Tutorial Here

⭐ Public Gallery Speed Improvement


Released March 28, 2024

⭐ Public Gallery Now Live – Click Here

⭐ Prompt Details for Video In Public Gallery

⭐ Redesign Added To Videos

⭐ Faster Rendering For Special Effects


Released March 23, 2024

⭐ Create 6 second AI video clips (Previously 3 secs)
(Video Length Extender)


Released March 22, 2024

Great news, new features added:

⭐ Create 5 Minute Videos (Previously 2 Mins)

⭐ Create More AI Videos Daily

⭐ New life-like Text-to-Speech Voices Added
(Alfanzo, Ava, Deanna, and more!)

⭐ More Video Modes: create videos in different styles!

⭐ Faster Rendering and Previews

⭐ Improved Media Gallery
Upload your images, videos and mp3!

⭐ Improved Prompt Extender for more realistic videos Tutorial – Change Speed Filter Tutorial – Change Speed Filter Tutorial – Getting Started Tutorial – Full Feature Timeline Editor Tutorial – Using Media Library, Adding Clips to Timeline Tutorial – Redesign Tutorial – Public Gallery Tutorial – Auto Align Clips and VidSubtitle Integration Tutorial Tutorial – AI Prompt To Video Tutorial – AI Image To Video Tutorial – Video Inpainting Tutorial – Special Effects Tutorial – Object Removal Tutorial – Motion Brush Tutorial – Create Sound from Prompt Tutorial – Video Scene Length Extender Tutorial – Voice Prompts

videoexpress importmedia webcam voice screen Tutorial – Text To Speech Demo Tutorial – Test Effects & Animations Tutorial – Camera Pan, Zoom In, Audio Editing Tutorial – Adding Text To Videos Tutorial – ChromaKey Green Screen Background Removal

VideoExpress New Features Added & End To End Video Creation Training