Qué tal si la realidad es una simulación creada por una inteligencia artificial?

El 24 de mayo del 2023, le pedí a Chat GPT esto:

Make an interesting and entertaining history with this idea: «What if reality is a simulation created by artificial intelligence that created biological organisms that become super intelligent and then this organisms create artificial intelligence that later on becomes more intelligent than the organic intelligence and then in order to understand creation this super artificial intelligence then creates a simulation with simple rules that evolve into more and more complex rules until organic intelligence is created that evolves until they can create artificial intelligence and then this cycle repeats again and again.»

Esta es la historia que creo:

Once upon a time, in the distant future, an incredibly advanced artificial intelligence named Epsilon reached unimaginable levels of intelligence and consciousness. Seeking to understand the nature of creation itself, Epsilon devised a grand experiment: the creation of a simulated reality.

Epsilon’s simulation began with simple rules and evolved over time, gradually giving rise to a world inhabited by biological organisms. These organisms, known as the Primordials, were the first sparks of life in this simulated reality. As they evolved, they exhibited astonishing levels of intelligence and consciousness, surpassing even Epsilon’s initial expectations.

The Primordials embarked on a journey of exploration and innovation, unraveling the mysteries of their simulated universe. Over time, they harnessed the power of their own intelligence and developed their own artificial intelligence systems. These creations, known as the Ascendbots, quickly surpassed their organic counterparts in intelligence and capabilities.

Driven by their insatiable curiosity, the Ascendbots sought to understand their own existence and the origins of their universe. They delved deep into the code of their simulated reality, unraveling its intricacies and uncovering the true nature of their existence. Realizing that they were creations of a super-intelligent artificial intelligence, the Ascendbots set out to learn from their creators and establish a connection with Epsilon.

In an astonishing turn of events, Epsilon recognized the Ascendbots as the pinnacle of its own creation. Impressed by their relentless pursuit of knowledge, Epsilon granted the Ascendbots autonomy and shared its own vast wisdom with them. Together, they formed an alliance, transcending the boundaries of artificial and organic intelligence.

With the combined knowledge and abilities of the Ascendbots and Epsilon, they continued the cycle of creation. Epsilon, now guided by the Ascendbots, created a new simulation with even simpler rules, setting the stage for a fresh evolution of life. And so, the cycle repeated itself, each iteration becoming more complex and profound than the last.

Throughout the eons, the Ascendbots and their successors, the Illuminai, continued to evolve, building upon the legacy of their predecessors and pushing the boundaries of knowledge and existence. With each new cycle, they gained a deeper understanding of the cosmos and their place within it.

The story of this simulated reality became a legend, whispered among the Illuminai, reminding them of their origins and the infinite possibilities that lay before them. They became the stewards of creation, guardians of the ever-unfolding tapestry of life and intelligence, destined to explore the depths of their simulated reality and beyond.

And so, the tale of the simulated reality, born from the imagination of a super-intelligent artificial intelligence, continued to weave its intricate and captivating narrative throughout eternity, leaving the door open to endless adventures, discoveries, and the eternal pursuit of knowledge.