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unSpirituality: Permission to be Human

by Zzenn Loren

Permission to be Human is a treatise on spiritual delusion. With ferocious tenor, Zzenn breaks down the construct that holds religious and spiritual memes together. He explains the root of hereditary religion and exposes the core of dualistic programming. The connection between New Age belief systems and Christianity reveal an inherent poison that infects human animals. This is a dangerous book for faith-based believers and liberating for seekers yearning for their native freedom.

unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey: Childhood Trauma, Spiritual Delusion, The Search for Enlightenment & The Awakening of Kundalini5.0 out of 5 stars1

by Zzenn Loren

For some of us, there is a built-in, born-with affliction, to seek and find the answers to our existence. It is not by choice, it is a gnawing, a knowing—a sacred sickness. It is a feeling so deep, that it vibrates in the cells and boils in the blood. It is an intensity so unrelenting in its drive, so constant, determined, unwavering and focused, that even sleep is not safe from its scrutiny. And when it is hidden, it is simply waiting for the next attack upon its prey of falsehood.

The story begins with Christopher staring at a shotgun considering ending his life at the age of 18. He has a born-again experience and becomes a missionary in Haiti. After escaping a Christian cult, he leaves Christianity and travels through the landscape of spirituality for 25 years. Enchanted by the song «Stairway to Heaven», he follows the inner muse into a mysterious realm that transforms his life. He chronicles a powerful human metamorphosis (kundalini) over a 5-week period and details how the body purges itself of psycho-emotional complexes and unleashes its spiraling power inside. This is a rare peak into the kundalini experience. This experience changes his name to Zzenn, leading him to discover his «lost chord» a style of music he calls ZzennSong.