Abraham Hicks y la farsa del New Age.


What snapped me out of it was going back to college. Higher education especially in the medical field, stresses critical thinking and the importance of it. We study facts, not fiction. Critical thinking goes against everything Abraham teaches. I still was finding it hard to relate to everyone. Anytime someone complained, even when it was justified, I thought in my mind, «this person doesn’t understand that their thoughts are causing all of the trouble.»

If anyone was going through an illness or struggle I concluded, based on Abraham’s teachings, that it was ultimately brought on by them. Since I no longer empathized with people I was alone. Very alone. One day I just decided to snap out of it and to regain my life. I searched and discovered more people felt the same way. At the beginning of this ‘new aged brainwashed’ period I just wanted to learn more and seek some truth. It turns out I finally did.


I had told my boyfriend at the time I was listening to Eckhart Tolle, who also teaches thought-stopping techniques, and his eyes widened in concern.


Abraham Hicks Review – My Life After Law of Attraction Addiction

Abraham Hicks Review – My Life After Law of Attraction Addiction

In hindsight, It was almost like I was a crack junkie for a little while because the feel-good videos will give me a dose of dopamine & pretty soon I became addicted to watching them any chance I could get.

The Bad

  • it can breed arrogance (Looking back when I was really into this stuff, I was acting like such an asshole at times, thinking I knew it all & I had it all figured out, at times telling others how they should live life)
  • that arrogance sometimes lead to becoming more distant from family & friends (I am grateful that I was aware enough to see this negative impact on myself & others to catch myself & really self-examine my assholeness & rectify it eventually)
  • the idea that our thinking is at fault when bad things happen to us, & so we should control our thinking. From my experience, controlling our thinking leads to suppression & denial, which imo causes more issues in the mind


This is often called inner child work.

So I went through a phase of exploring different trauma healing modalities, & Its still part of what I do from day to day

My favorite releasing techniques & methodologies:

  • Presence Process by Michael Brown
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Eliza Mada Dalian
  • Scott Kiloby

I find Scott Kiloby to be really fascinating.

Addicted to drugs, gambling & everything in between. He was able to use the power of his consciousness through non-attached awareness what some call nonduality to break free from his addictions and save himself, now he facilitates & runs a drug alcohol recovery center in California getting people off of drugs & resolving the underlying addiction through presence or awareness.

When you see real profound results like this, to me it truly validates that our power lies beyond our thinking mind.


I am a living example of why mindset & positive thinking alone is not enough.

You need a strategy.

You need skills.

The fastest route?

Go get a mentor.


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