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Apple remains the world’s best brand for an eighth year in a row while a host of digital newcomers including Instagram, YouTube and Zoom have landed a spot in the top 100 for the first time ever, according to a new annual survey of global brands‘ value from Omnicom-owned consultancy Interbrand.Oct 20, 2020
Apple retains top spot in Interbrand’s 2020 brand value …

Best Global Brands 2020 – Interbrand

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Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, …

Apple Brand Ranking | All Brand Rankings where Apple is listed!

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Apple. Rankings where listed. Year. Position. 100-top Most Powerful Brands By Tenet Partners, CoreBrand. 2020. 2. Best Global Brands By Interbrand. 2020. 1.
TOP 10 Most Valuable Brands In The World
  • #1. Apple inc. $205.5 bln.
  • #2. Google. $167.7 bln.
  • #3. Microsoft. $125.3 bln.
  • #4. Amazon. $97 bln.
  • #5. Facebook. $88.9 bln.
  • #6. Coca-Cola. $59.2 bln.
  • #7. Samsung. $53.1 bln.
  • #8. Disney. $52.2 bln.
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