Ben Greenfield – Teri Cochrane – Terapia para tratar la energía a nivel inconsciente.

El Método Cochrane se usa para equilibrar la energía a nivel incosnciente para tratar patologías que la medicina tradicional no logra curar.

The idea that any person can claim that any one health regimen is right for “everyone” has become one of the major shortcomings in the field of health and wellness.

The Cochrane Method® is a comprehensive and future-facing wellness model that treats health through the lens of bio-individuality.

As opposed to driving toward more generalization and convolution, The Cochrane Method® embraces the complex nature of individuality by allowing the practitioner to understand the body through its diverse portals of expression, observing the whole person through a lens that captures all influences, both internal and external.

Para trabajar directamente con Teri.

800 dólares para la primera consulta de 60 minutos, 375 dólares para la seiguiente sita, 325 dólares para las siguientes citas, 100 dólares para un análisis de nutrigenomic para acualquier consulta.

Total 2225
800 100 900
375 100 475
325 100 425
325 100 425

Se necesitan unos 2225 dolares para tener 4 consultas con el análisis de nutrigenomic.

El link de abajo es para aprender el Cochrane Method:

Time Traveling To Heal Trauma, Hyper-Customization Of Diet & Supplements, Past Life vs. Epigenetics & Much More With Teri Cochrane.

Topics of Expertise:

The HealAndSeal® Corporate Sustainable Health Program
Nutrigenomics: How to Eat to Your Genetic Blueprint
Thrive to Work: Overcoming Burnout and Achieving Vitality
An Expert’s Eye: Lyme Disease, Hashimoto’s, Autoimmunnity, Fertility
The Cochrane Method: A Practitioner’s Guide to Bio-Individual Health

Focus: Bringing Time, Energy, and Money into Flow

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