BrainGym – Neurofeedback companías competidoras.


Biofeedback Works va: utilizan 5 tecnologías para estimular el cerebro(BrainGym, más de 30 tecnologías).

  1. One-, two-, four-, and other multichannel protocols such as z-score, amplitude, Infra-Slow Fluctuation (ISF), and Alpha/theta with BrainMaster and AVATAR technologies.
  2. LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) – which measures the strongest frequency at various sites over the brain and briefly feeds back a slightly altered signal. Over time, brainwave patterns associated with poor functioning change to a more optimal configuration.
  3. LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) – a new form of neurofeedback that targets the EEG patterns of deeper brain structures. With LORETA, the therapist is shown the source of the EEG activity in three dimensions revealing abnormalities of deeper structures and networks of the brain. The EEG activity of the deep structures can be compared to a database and utilized for z-score or amplitude training in the same manner as surface EEG.
  4. HEG (pIR Hemoencephalography) – an indirect measure of blood flow over the prefrontal cortex and an indicator of neural activity. Training to increase brain activity at the prefrontal cortex is associated with improvements in attention and reductions in anxiety. It is also used to treat migraine headaches.
  5. Vielight – a photobiomodulation device which heightens gamma and alpha waves. Benefits of this revolutionary device include improved focus, increased memory encoding, heightened calmness and meditation.

BrainBit Headband with SDK

BrainBit, 500 dolares.

Insight Instruments: Biofeedbackdevices from the experts


Clients, Quito, 150 dólares el brainscan, 25 dólares la sesión.


Lp 2

dolares 399 499 799
sesiones 10 20 40
dólares por sesión 39,9 25,0 20,0, muchos equipos.


Markus Stefka <>
a set of the system, with EEG and the software (only availiable together) would cost around €5000 (excl. VAT and shipping).

Insight Instruments: Biofeedbackdevices from the experts

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback: The Neuromaster $400. Desde 4000 dólares hasta 7000 dólares.

BrainPaint, 500 dolares por mes, psicólogos. Aparentemente, uno de los mejores sistemas.

BrainPaint® System Includes:

Canal de BrainPaint Neurofeedback, de Youtube.

Canal Piscología Avanzada, de felipe sarabía.


felipe sarabía neurofeedback

Atacama 701, oficina 301 (tercer piso), Copiapó, Chile.

Fono/WhatsApp +569 8808 6353

Myndlift, que usa Muse Head Band. $58/week ($696 Quarterly, 3 months) Save $120 / Continuity Training$16/week /Maintain your gains and continue your training with on-demand neuro-coach consultations. Available only after a minimum 3 months of Core Training.

10 sesiones, 3600 dolares, 20 sesiones, 4900 dólares, 30 sesiones 6200 dólares.

How to use Opti Brain (mapping brain activity)

Best Kept Secrets Home Brain Training / Neurofeedback at home

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback: The Neuromaster

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