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Neurobit Optima+ 4USB.


Order HR/HRV and EEG electrodes:


Remember that electrodes connected to positive and negative ports of a given channel should be made of the same material.

You can order these electrodes from US online shop


Trains 2 channels. Setting new heights in price/performance, inheriting all the capabilities of its forebears. Used with software and sensors.

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U-wiz by Pocket Neurobics (2C)




2 channel amplifier for EEG.
• DC/AC coupling
• Linking of reference electrodes
• ExG (emg, ecg mode to 200Hz)
• Continuous readout of impedance or offset
• Indication of which specific electrode has disconnected
• USB and wireless concurrent (for monitoring in multi-seat training rooms)
• Internal test tone which tests 95% of device
• Failsafe startup option –reverts to original code stored in un-writeable memory
• Flared electrode sockets to allow easy insertion into small package
• Robust – button-less no movable parts.
The button-less U-wiz is controlled by commands sent from supporting software – BioExplorer & BioEra support the U-wiz.

We declare that this product (Wiz amplifiers from Pocket Neurobics) is intended for psychological training, education and scientific research and is not a medical device.


BioExplorer QuickStart Bundle

BioExplorer QuickStart Bundle


BioExplorer software plus a permanent subscription to current and future updates of Brain-Trainer protocols/designs for BioExplorer. These tell the software how to perform specific types of training, allowing the trainer to specify the frequencies to be trained, targets for each and types of feedback to be used. – product – wbt-bioera-eu Whole-Brain Training for BioEra (EU) $1300. $1000.


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