Ciudades Estados y Charter Cities o Ciudades Charter.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in a future where everyone has access to fair and reliable governance.

Decades of research on economic development has shown that the primary determinant of prosperity is the quality of a country’s laws and the integrity of its courts, administrators, and other legal institutions.

When institutions are outmoded, corrupted, or failing, the result is untold human suffering. Workers are trapped in low wage jobs and dangerous working environments, children don’t get educated, adults can’t get quality healthcare, and people can’t start businesses to support their families. Yet, upgrading national institutions is notoriously difficult, and consensus on country-level changes should be slow and deliberate.

Our solution? Build the cities of tomorrow.

At Pronomos Capital, we’re using the lessons of Silicon Valley to create a new model for urban development where the city is the product. Our portfolio founders work in partnership with countries to create new communities that seek – through good governance – to emulate the economic success of Dubai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore.

We believe this model is the future of development, and that by investing in the cities of tomorrow, we are investing in the future of humanity.

A History of Future Cities 1st Edition, Kindle Edition. by Daniel Brook

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