Digestión Consciente – Agua ozonificada – Limpieza del Colon – Infiltración de Ozono.

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El ozono médico tiene propiedades antisépticas (es uno de los más potentes germicidas, actuando frente a hongos, bacterias y virus), analgésicas y antiinflamatorias, modulando y estimulando al sistema inmunológico y además mejora la circulación periférica y la oxigenación de los tejidos debido a que favorece la cesión .
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love this product – improves digestive function and improves gut brain axis. Its also a foundational immune support supplement for me.
I started using Resistor about 4 months ago. I was having minor digestive issues and within a week, I was symptom-free. This stuff really works.
I have had MASSIVE gut issues, leaky gut being a repeat issue for me. I have tried DOZENS of products and spent God knows how much trying to heal. I noticed a significant difference using Resistor within the first week…which in itself is a miracle for what I’ve been through. I’m on month 3 now and I just keep getting better. This has given me hope of healing and I will definitely stay on this for years to come. It’s changing my life.
I used to often have heartburn in the night if I ate anyhing even remotely unhealthy in the evening (pizza, etc). That seems to have vanished since taking Resister. I have also noted a very positive difference in my digestive “elimination”…I’ll spare you the details lol. I wanted to try Resistor for myself before recommending it to my daughter who is suffering from SIBO…now I cant wait for her to begin taking it, I’ll update on her progress later, if anyone is interested.
I have lived with chronic gut problems, IBS, leaky gut multiple times, and extreme food allergies. This is the 1st supplement I’ve tried that I have noticed massive results within the 1st 3 days of use… and that’s saying something because I have tried zillions of supplements to ease my pain! I will remain on this product for good!! I also recommend it to anyone I know struggling with gut issues even when they’re different then mine, and they have noted relief as well! So happy I found this!!
I have had terrible pain in my gut for years. Lady three years I have focus on healing my gut. After 2 months of use my pain is gone. I sleep an hour more every night. It’s a game changer.
I used this to aid in the healing of my gut. I had a reoccurence of candida overgrowth and when on a pretty aggressive protocol. Took resistor twice a day, once without a meal and once with a meal for 30 days. My candida has never looked better. Used the spit in a cup of water test in the morning and am so thankful.
I had been suffering from really bad nausea with dizziness attacks since 2018 which would come on suddenly with no warning. I would vomit and get very dizzy and lose all appetite during these attacks with severe light headedness. The docs weren’t sure what was going on maybe positional vertigo or ménière’s disease? So it went on like that with these attacks just showing up periodically without any warning. After consuming the Biocharge supplements for some months I suddenly became aware that I had not suffered an nausea attack in some time. I asked myself, could it be the Biocharge that has reduced – maybe even stopped the nausea/dizzy spells? I have not suffered any nausea or dizziness since taking the Biocharge. In addition my energy levels are pretty smooth. I caught the c-virus in January 2022 and was only mildly ill with some low energy, brief sore throat and water & food tasted kind of weird but no other symptoms (no jab). Just stayed indoors, took some short walks and took care of myself and I’m no millennial! I’ve been taking Biocharge since 2020 and plan to continue.

Advanced detox & gut health

Charged Ozonated Oil supports your body on a cellular level by introducing ozonides which cause a hormetic response to supercharge your body’s mitochondria at a fast rate.* Thus supporting cellular regeneration and detoxification.* Additionally the ozonides promote gut health. Properly balanced gut flora aids in weight management and metabolic support.* Since COO strengthens cells at a micro level it helps support your body’s immune health.*

https://www.promolife.com/puro3-probiotic-suppositories/ Supositorios con probióticos, probioticos.

What is ozone colonic?Ozone Colon Hydrotherapy, or Colonic Irrigation, is a deep cleansing treatment for the large intestine (Colon). The technique consists of the infusion of previously filtered and purified water into the colon through a nozzle inserted in the anus, adjusting the temperature and pressure as required.
Research from 2018 indicated that ozone may correct oxidative stress by activating the body’s immune and antioxidant systems and reducing inflammation. According to a 2019 study, ozone therapy in people with diabetic foot ulcers helped close the wound and reduced the chances of infection.
During your treatment, we administer approximately 200cc of ozone into the colon using a rectal catheter. This form of ozone therapy is unique in the fact that ozone is quickly and easily absorbed through the walls of the colon. Additionally, it can enter the bloodstream where it flows throughout the entire body.
Ozone therapy, especially rectal insufflation treatments, is highly beneficial. The flow of ozone gas applied to the gut is converted into oxygen, eliminates free radicals and is enormously effective against pathogenic microbes, promoting a healthy microbiota that thrives in an oxygen-rich environment.
I’ve been using after coffee enemas during a parasite cleanse and I feel like it’s an added layer of “oomph” I also love the way it makes me feel energized! Will use after the cleanse as well!
I have been using these to supplement to my at-home ozone treatments. As the ozone goes to the liver directly when using it as a suppository, it has been helpful in clearing up a kidney issue. Using it as bladder support, vaginally, has also been very effective.


I suffer from Crohns and was recently diagnosed with a fistula in November. I had never even heard of such a thing! Everything on the internet and all of the doctors say surgery is the only answer. Not only has this helped with my Crohns symptoms and allowed me to live a normal life, but it’s helped me manage my fistula. My fistula is not healed. I’ve had it for five months and I’ve seen reviews on here where people have completely been healed by using these suppositories, but I have figured out a routine that helps me manage it with very good success. And I hope that if I continue to use them I will eventually heal it completely too!

Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It causes inflammation of your digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition. Inflammation caused by Crohn’s disease can involve different areas of the digestive tract in different people.

I have been suffering with parasites and done several parasite detoxes. These suppositories finally make a huge difference. I used the ozone at night, then use the Probiotic later in the day. to make sure not all good stuff is removed. Works really well.

The suppositories are very effective. I used them for Candida and they worked like a charm after a couple of applications. I highly recommend this product, from a very experienced and attentive company.

I found out about this product when someone told me it cured her anal fistula after taking it every day for 6 months.

I’ve been taking it every day for 2 months to cure my anal fistula. So far I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in that my fistula has stopped discharging and is slightly smaller.

I find that following a restricted diet is also important. I avoid grains, carbs, meat and dairy. I eat a vegetarian keto diet of low-carb vegetables, avocado, egg, coconut milk/cream, almond flour (for almond bread), olive oil, coconut oil and various spices.

Super expensive but a good product and it seems to help inside with things/issues inside the colon.

My Dad was diagnosed with Covid. Among the other medications his doctor got him on, I bought this and had shipped to my Dad. He said that he noticed it helped relieve his back pain, improved GI system and his oxygen level increased. This med has helped my dad heal and keep him out of the hospital, so yes, I highly recommend this product!

This product is great. I struggle with Candida overgrowth and as I am battling that throughout my own system, but this keeps my lady bits happy and healthy. It’s great after sex or your period to refresh. I love knowing I’m using products to support my healing and I will never go without these!

PurO3 is pure excellence

I have been searching for ways to fight inflammation and in discussions with my naturopath Ozone therapy has come up. I researched it a great deal and found a lot of solid clinical data on the benefits of ozone, but I can’t afford my own machine or the treatments, as it is not covered by insurance. Instead, I am using the hemp suppositories and getting great results. My prostate swelling is significantly reduced, I have more mental clarity and energy. I use one every evening. Highly recommend!

I’ve been using these to help clear up Crohn’s Disease symptoms. Working like a charm. Love them. Ordering more.

The product works well helping to relieve my hemorrhoid swelling.

I was researching longevity, holistic healing, and I stumbled upon ozone therapy. I found this brand to very reputable and affordable, so I purchased the suppositories.
I have always struggled with constipation and irregular bowels, hemorrhoids, etc. I found after one use, the hemorrhoids had suppsided and I now have way more regular movements.
I also feel like I have more energy and my skin bounces back if I’ve had a zit or anything.

I use a suppository vaginally before bed. I have uterine cancer and bladder problems. This helps to reduce inflammation so my bladder works better and it relieves my cancer pain. It also promotes healing.

For most patients, ozone therapy follows a course of six to ten treatments. Typically, you’ll see an improvement in your condition within the first three or four treatments.
Locally it helps the body’s natural immune system. It can be applied both topically and internally (orally, vaginally, anally) to provide a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. Areas such as the eye may be sensitive. Use in areas to which it’s application is soothing.
Ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3). In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that ozone is toxic and has no proven medical applications.
Due to its germicidal properties, ozonated oil use is hugely beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract and gut health, because it targets the harmful bacteria in the gut, making way for beneficial bacteria to propagate.

The Top Benefits & Uses for Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil holds a variety of health benefits but is most commonly used for conditions of the skin and external body, much as you would use a therapeutic salve or cream. As a massage paste, the ozonide acts as an antioxidant, allowing lactic acid and toxins to be released from the pores of the skin. Other benefits include:

  1. Stimulates growth of skin cells
  2. Speeds up healing time for skin wounds and ulcers
  3. Cleans and sterilizes the epidermis
  4. Reduces swelling and redness
  5. Calms the nerves and reduces the discomfort of skin conditions
  6. May increase cellular function and cellular memory
  7. Acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins
  8. Acts as a moisturizing facial conditioner (leave on for 20 minutes and promptly remove)
  9. Aids in healing processes and reduces scarring
  10. Promotes healthy skin conditions
  11. Soothes animal wounds as it is completely natural and can be licked

Supositorios vaginales/de ozono-Tratamiento de la vaginosis bacteriana, Candidiasis vaginal, infecciones por levadura, eliminación de olores

https://www.amazon.com/Suppositories-Treatment-Candidiasis-Infections-Elimination-Hemorrhoids/dp/B07K7WY2G6 $73, 30 pills.
TRATAMIENTO NATURAL SEGURO Y ALTAMENTE EFECTIVO PARA VAG. Y CONDICIONES RECTALES. El OZONO es uno de los antimicrobianos más fuertes del planeta. Restaura el equilibrio, elimina los olores, alivia la irritación.
La gran ventaja es esta mezcla de ozono, aceite esencial y probióticos es que destruye las células dañadas, infectadas y patógenos malsanos mientras protege y apoya las células sanas.
USADO también en el tratamiento de hemorroides rectales, fisuras anales y otras patologías rectales.4


La hierba de limón contiene varios biocompuestos en sus extractos de aceites esenciales. Es un antioxidante, antiinflamatorio, antimicrobiano, antifúngico y anti-obesidad. Las pruebas de hierba de limón fueron claramente aclaradas para apoyar las afirmaciones farmacológicas iniciales. Además, Lemongrass es no tóxico y no mutagénico. En un estudio, la actividad antimicrobiana y antifúngica de diez aceites esenciales fue probada contra una gama de cepas vaginales, bacterianas y fúngicas aisladas de vagina existente. infecciones incluyendo Atopobium vaginae, Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroides vulgatus, Estreptocotico.infecciones agalactiae, lactobacilos productores de H2O2 y lactobacilos no productores de H2O2, Candida albicans, C. glabrata, C. parapsilosis y C. tropicalis. La investigación de la susceptibilidad in vitro reveló que la hierba de limón mostró la concentración inhibitoria mínima (MIC) y la concentración bactericida mínima (MBC) a 1-2.5 μl/ml, siendo así uno de los aceites esenciales más potentes contra las bacterias probadas.

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