Eclecticismo de Bio-Veda Alosha Lynov.

Plan de lugares y personas a conocer

La idea es que te conviertas en un artista, en un diseñaro, que tomes el control. Si fueras un artista, un diseñador que no tiene límites, que es un genio, que tiene todos los recursos, que no tiene limitaciones para hacer cosas, ni para soñar, ni para ejecutar, ¿Cómo diseñarías tu vida? ¿Cómo diseñarías el mundo perfecto? ¿Cómo diseñarías la experiencia humana? ¿Cómo diseñarías los pueblos? ¿Cómo sería el sexo? ¿Cómo sería la comida? ¿Cómo sería el trabajo? ¿Cómo serían las relaciones interpersonales?

Canal de Bio-Veda Alosha Lynov y su visión de un futuro autosustentable.

La historia es la evolución de la consciencia, o el despertar de la consciencia.

Estamos aquí para ayudar a romper el karma, para romper la matrix, para romper la carrera de ratas, para tomar conscienica de los errores que se repiten entre generación y generación. Para darte cuenta de todas las cosas que pasan, es como una aventura, donde tú debes elegir escoger el camino heróico, el camino del héroe.

Canal de Youtube de Bio-Veda Alosha Lynov.

I am a Visionary inventor, international edutainer and a master builder of Self Regenerative, Self Replicating, Biogeometric living habitats based on BioMimicry principles , cosmic geometries, geomancy, natural law and permaculture eco systemic design.


Hi Jose, in this video I share will you some of the lessons I learned from a community which I am currently visiting in Siberia. It is the only community of this size in Russia which has not fallen apart and continues to thrive 28 years later

With the current population of 3000 people in the middle of Taiga, they are building their own schools, teaching their kids, growing all of their food, building master craftsmen workshops, theatres… and they are doing it at 50 Celsius / – 58 Fahrenheit.

Link para comprar el curso en 262 dólares, y en 200 dólares con este código: LeH.

Lessons from a 28 yr old 3000 ppl community in Siberia.

The course has all the tutorials you’ll need to build yourself a self sustaining Off – Grid eco home.

Having studied permaculture with Geoff Lawton, Bio-tecture from Mike Reynolds and super adobe construction from Cal Earth I’ve weaved in the wisdom of Biomimicry to stack multiple functions in our ecological and easy to build natural home. It will also include a full surrounding water eco system which harvests, stores, filters rain and then pressurises it to your home and thereafter UPcycles all the waste water for garden irrigation and flushing of loos.

I’ve also applied the design language of Bio Geometry and Orgonite, so our homes will protect us from the harmful effects Electro Magnetic Radiation as well as 5G (this feature will be available in 2019)

Once you have watched our Water + Eco Home course video you will realise that all of our projects are perfect for any novice, even those folk that never held a hammer in their life.

Sure live training are always preferable if you have 15000 USD to spend into 6 international workshops which are all part of our training program.

After 12 years of R&D and over 30000 USD worth of mistakes I now provide you with complete and perfected eco home training model which will save you these unnecessary hick ups.

You also have life time access to our masterclass, and for your convenience we made all of our 200+ step-by-step video tutorials downloadable so you can store them on your hard drive.

For peace of mind I provide a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. You can watch all of our training videos and if you do not think our course is what I claim it to be then send us one email and get a full refund without any questions asked.


Here is the list of all the lessons you’ll learn in our training

eco home theory

  1. Plan your home on graph paper
  2. Planning out of the electrical
  3. Planning out of plumbing
  4. Solar passive design & orientation
  5. Sacred Bio Geometry & Feng Shui
  6. Connecting the home to the sky
  7. Tyre basics
  8. Air crete basics
  9. Super Adobe basics
  10. Soil test and right Air crete mix
  11. Working with chains and compasses
  12. Openings and importance of buttress
  13. Doors and Windows
  14. Water proofing your home
  15. Code and Legalities

foundation work

  1. Compasses and Dome Geometry
  2. Marking & digging the foundation
  3. Building of foundations with sand bags
  4. Building the foundation with tires

building of arch forms for all openings

  1. Building arch forms for air crete domes
  2. Building archways for sandbag domes

building the wall

  1. Making the Air Crete bricks
  2. Weaving the domes together with sandbags
  3. Allowing for plumping & electrical
  4. Running the electrical
  5. Buttresses and openings
  6. Switching from SuperAdobe to Air Crete

building around window & door frames

  1. In Air Crete home
  2. In Super Adobe home

weaving of domes together

  1. Weaving with Air crete
  2. Weaving with Sandbags

adding tensile forces

  1. Barb wire for sandbags
  2. Textile for Air Crete

working the upper levels of the dome

  1. Shaping the sandbags
  2. Shaping the Air Crete Bricks

skylight and window work

  1. Preparing a beam for skylights
  2. Building a skylight
  3. Installation of skylight
  4. 3D Almanac Calendar Skylight
  5. Making of little round windows
  6. Window installation

waterproofing & finishing touches

  1. Plastering air crete
  2. Water proofing sand bag dome
  3. Painting sandbag dome
  4. Plastering sandbag dome
  5. Waterproofing sand bag dome (SAME ONE)
  6. Applying final plaster on sandbag dome

water work

  1. Building of a custom gutter for rain harvesting
  2. Using a standard gutter and fitting it around the dome Vid 1: connecting rain water to tank
  3. Finalisation of waterworks
  4. Creating specialised earthworks to divert water away
  5. Optional bench / water treating gutter
  6. Mistakes and improvements

rain water harvesting

  1. All water harvesting strategies, including hard surface run-offs such as roofs, drive ways and even catchment of water from the road.
  2. How to make a first flush system that will keep all the dirt from going into your water tank.
  3. Earthworks and how to construct terraces and swales using garden waste

rain water storage

  1. Theory and practical of successful water storage. The do’s and the don’ts.
  2. Step by step guide to create a durable and long lasting sand bag water tank that can attach to a straight house wall.
  3. Construction from start to finish of a low cost ferro cement tank. This 12000 Litre water tank will cost you 1/3 of a plastic one and will outlast it by a additional 50 + years.
  4. Construction of a 40000 litre underground water tank. Perfect opportunity to store water under a driveway / garage or even a house.
  5. How to convert a conventional pool into an eco pool to be used as back up storage that you can swim in, irrigate from and plumb it into your water filter to be pressurised to all your taps.

rain and borehole water filtration

  1. Creation from start to finish of a Slow Sand Bio Char Filter. From making your own gasifier oven that makes the bio-char from Invasive species of Alien hard wood. Includes the plumbing and all the components of this 4 stage low tech and low cost filter (150 USD for all materials) . The filter will deliver 300 litres of water per day.
  2. How to make a copper vortex for enlivening water for just $303. Benefits of energised water to your and your plants’ health
  3. Treat your own city rain water to super drinking quality water re-mineralised with seashells and stones.
  4. How to disconnect from municipality water and connect your bio-char filter to home with a pressurised pump. This will include a 3 way valve should you ever need to reconnect to the grid again.

waste water recycling

  1. How to create your own wetland for grey water treatment , i.e. all bath and shower water, so this resource can safely be used for irrigation of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs without clogging the soil with soaps and phosphates.
  2. How to use grey water that you bathed with yesterday to flush your toilet today.
  3. Wetlands of various shapes and sizes made from 3 different low cost, available materials. Two types wetland will be constructed, one with visible water and floating plants and another wetland where water travels in the stone and the plants are rooted without any visible water on the surface. No smell or mosquitos
  4. How to construct a grease trap for under $20 that can treat kitchen water and irrigate your herbs or fruit trees passively with gravity flow. In this module we will show you how to get this cleaned kitchen water to your garden under ground automatically irrigating a constructed swale.
  5. Create a sewerage treatment wetland from beginning to end and plant it out with aquatic plants. This wetland will treat all water from your biogas digester / septic tank safely with out any smell. We also include installation of the biogas digester itself and priming it for methane production

10 Self Sustainability bonuses

  1. Basic irrigation know how with drip , sprayers and timers
  2. 90 minute presentation by top water expert
  3. 90 minute Eco Conscious wisdom collected from top sages
  4. Eco consults from previous clients done by Alosha Lynov
  5. Systems and procedures to assist you in maintaining your eco garden
  6. 30+ eco inventions and drawings designed over last 10 years
  7. A tour of our eco garden with organic muffins and herbal tea
  8. Off-the-water-grid trailer blue print and video explanation
  9. All about worms and container gardening with my good friend Natalie
  10. Successful community design

+ Mistakes & Improvements tutorials for all the lessons

from the comfort of your home you will learn how to :

  • build 2 types of dome homes from foundation all the way to skylight, Air Crete and a Super Adobe Dome. Includes intensive theory on: designing your home on graph paper + various climates, fengshui, bio geometry, tensile forces, plumbing etc.
  • easily build beautiful curvilinear permaculture terraces which turn your garden into a sponge. We will also construct a 54 metre curvilinear wall with water / recycling holding spaces.
  • build an alternative low cost gutter systems + simple permaculture earthworks that impregnate and store water in the ground. You will also learn how to build a simple leaf and dust catcher.
  • build 3 types of water tanks: Ferro Cement 6000L + Sandbag 16000L + underground 40000L water reservoir / bunker underneath a home + build constructed wetland to transform chlorine pool into an eco pond.
  • create 3 types of constructed wetlands which will take care of all your waste water. We will install a biogas digester which will make flammable methane from sewerage and build a wetland to turn poo into clean irrigation.
  • build your own DIY Bio Char filter & Bio Char from start to finish which will treat city rain / borehole water at a rate of 300 litres p/d. You will also learn how to pressurise this water to your home

We have also included 10 bonuses with food growing machine, water self sufficiency trailer invention, irrigation basics etc to assist you with your Self Sustainable journey.

Having studied with Mike Reynolds from Earthship Academy and due to my recent move to Russia, I will be including specific lessons so our homes handle Canadian and Siberian temperatures (avail. in 2019)

We also include a lesson how to get our eco homes approved by our municipalities / counties.

It has taken our team 1000’s of hours of research to compile this lesson for you. After much meditation and contemplation I’ve managed to summarise all the research into 9 pillars of successful community design:

  1. Beauty and Harmony has to be weaved into the very fabric of our community design and implementation
  2. Implementation and life style based on Natural Law and use of correct ancient calendars
  3. Remembrance through Cultural traditions, truthful history and ancestral knowledge
  4. Awakening our creator within and breaking rigidity through celebrations and play
  5. Resilience through Bio-Mimicry and Self-Regenerative Bio Diverse Design
  6. Unity via common vision and magnificence of individual’s values, passions and strengths
  7. The Human Aspect and social dynamics as well as the importance immediate conflict resolution
  8. Evolving Spirituality VS Dictated Dogmatic Beliefs
  9. Economy and Cooperation to bring in financial stability
  • we are loosing our children as they get swallowed by digital fake ness
  • all mass media is hijacked
  • hollywood is propagating a specific fake lifestyle and driving fear into everyone
  • there is less than 10 years left of top soil on the planet (John Jeavons)
  • for every 50 L of fuel you put into the car oil companies pump in close to 100L of fresh water mixed with salt to displace & raise oil
  • this will lead to a massive water shortage within 30 years
  • in the last 100 years we lost 75% of our forests and poisoned 87.5 % of our rivers!!!
  • current system of education is bringing up ONLY Bio – Robots
  • we are completely enslaved by our governments who lie, poison and cheat us just so we can shut up, pay taxes and do not ask questions as they bomb others to extract resources.
  • and if we speak up we get taken out or blasted with microwaves , water jets and sound cannons.
  • in USA we are neither allowed to build homes we want nor cooperative communities… and this virus spreading world wide as the powers on top are propagating these rules to their puppet colonies.
  • massive climate changes with rising oceans within 30 years
  • eventually coming to an ice age before 2050 (ice age farmer)

Cooperative kin domain eco villages are the answer!!!

But it starts we basics: FOOD, SHELTER & WATER

Having practical knowledge of building your own home which is easy to construct (even with your kids). A home that can filter incoming air and produce oxygen, protect you from 5G & EMR, harvest & store rain, recycle grey water for irrigation of food whilst heating and cooling itself is paramount!!! This is exactly what I teach in our online Bio – Veda Academy.

So what are the benefits of a fully Autonomous Living Bio Shelter:

  1. It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to -58 Fahrenheit
  2. It has 10.000 Gal underground bunker incase of an emergency
  3. It creates it’s own oxygen by growing food from waste water
  4. It treats external incoming air with a fungi sawdust filter
  5. It neutralises the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation and 5G, i.e humanising man made technology, with the ethics of Bio Geometry and addition of Shungite Orgon Energy accumulators to the natural building materials
  6. It solar passively connects with natural phenomena – sun, snow, rain and wind.
  7. It taps into geothermal underground heat for year around food productions using 1/5th of your neighbours energy input
  8. It is designed using Sacred Geometry synching our bodily rhythms and vibrations with our planet and cosmos.
  9. It harvests rain and stores it in discreet, robust water reservoirs, then purifies the water with a Biochar filter while recycling water water 7x for garden irrigation, flushing of loos and bio-gas production.


Gracias por leer el contenido de «Eclecticismo de Bio-Veda Alosha Lynov».

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