En las Empresas Conscientes Cuidamos la Salud de los Hermanos Socios.

Para esto, estudiamos las principales muertes que se dan en el Mundo, en los países más desarrollados como Estados Unidos. Estudiamos las principales muertes en tu país. A esto, le llamamos «Salud Consciente«.

Uno de las típicas molestias de salud que tienen las personas, son los dolores de espalda. Para cuidar las espaldas de las personas, enseñamos la Terapia de Reeducacion Corporal(RGP), ver los videos que están abajo.

El libro que está abajo de John E. Sarno, que es un Doctor Médico(Medical Doctor) es increíble, el día que posteamos este artículo, este libro tiene 1672 comentarios.

Por ejemplo, el comentario de abajo tiene 5 estrellas:

5.0 out of 5 starsMedical Truth. Buy this book, practice the techniques, and hang in there! You will heal.

After 3 years of chronic low back pain and neck pain, I am healing. John Sarno’s diagnosis is the truth, medicine is WAAY far behind in understanding the connection between emotions and illness, especially chronic pain. I bought this book in February with very consistent, badly affecting pain everyday and am now down to a daily 1 or 0 in pain. My biggest advice is HANG IN THERE, the book says it takes 6-8 weeks to heal completely and it has taken me much longer than that, don’t be discouraged if you are still in pain after that time frame. Everyone is different and it took me 3 months to get to where I am now but the results are UNBELIEVABLE, pain is almost nothing to me now and in time it will be nothing and chronic pain will only be a memory.

Here are some KEY tips that helped me to heal:

1. Stop covering up your feelings. In the past, if someone said something offensive towards me, I would cover up the feeling by thinking about it, rationalizing why they said, what they said, the context, blah blah blah but the FEELING is what is important. My mind would say I’m not offended but the truth is I am. FEEL THAT FEELING and tell yourself it’s ok to feel this. I am ok.

2. Stop letting your thoughts torture you. In the past I would let my head spin in worry for hours and hours, thinking oh maybe this will happen, but what if that happens. Take charge and say NO to your worry thoughts. It will suck for a while because worry is a habit and it takes time to break so you will be stopping your thoughts A LOT but eventually the worry slows down and dissipates. Channel that inner rage at your thoughts. Tell them to shut up! I wont take this abuse anymore, I deserve to feel good and I choose to feel hopeful.

3. Practice positive thinking and prayer. This will vibrationally help you to heal. Feed yourself POSITIVE ENERGY as much as you can, believe in your healing, no matter what the pain is telling you. Listen to My Morning Jacket, spend time in nature, get off Twitter and Instagram and all that noise, pet your dog, think about great things that have happened to you.

4. Journal. Write about what makes you angry, sad, scared, insecure. Write it out. I would oftentimes feel the repressed rage boiling up to the surface as I wrote. This is exactly what the pain is trying to distract you from, it is great to feel that rage there.

5. Cry, scream, beat the hell out of something. Get those emotions moving. If you have chronic pain, you have stale emotions sitting in you. Lay on your bed and breathe deeply into your belly, make a sound as you exhale, this helps to rouse the old emotions, bringing them to the surface. Keep breathing into it and cry it out, beat your pillow, whatever you’re feeling.

6. Don’t worry about setbacks. I had so many times where the pain would go down, only to come back with a vengeance. I was afraid I would never heal, but the fact that you can get it moving up and down like that at all shows that things are changing. Keep practicing, hold strong, and eventually the pain starts to lose the fight.

Good luck and god bless.

El objetivo es enseñar a las personas sobre cómo sanar tu cuerpo de forma natural. Lo más inteligente es evitar problemas, cuidar el cuerpo, y una de las misiones de las Empresas Conscientes es enseñar a las personas esto. Si es que después hay problemas de salud, la idea es crear un equipo de investigadores para ayudar a recuperar la salud.

Por ejemplo, el libro de abajo también es interesante ya que enseña cómo sanar las rodillas, para prevenir cirujías.














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