Las Leyes Universales.

1st Law: Law of Mentalism (1:01:36)
Now let’s get into the first. Law is the law of Mentalism. Now what you’re going to understand what this is every single law stems from this. It is absolutely critical that we master the law of mentalism. So when we’re looking at again ES material, you’ll notice this is why such an emphasis is on negative ego clearing, getting control of our thoughts, learning how to discipline the mind through observer, the now moment present presence, developing more mindfulness so we can get this law of mentalism under control. So recognizing the importance of the law of mentalism, it correlates as well in that, it shares a connection with universal mind. So if we want to connect with universal mind, we’ve got to have some level of competency with the law of mentalism or we’re just going to be going in circles with our own limited ego mental body programs. So again, we’ve got to get that ego out of the way, but to understand, we want to actually connect with the universal mind, which is the mind of god or the mind of all one, because this is the pure consciousness of the infinite intelligence that expresses its principle through natural laws, spiritual laws that govern our creation. So in essence, if we can move through the law of mentalism, we can be in alignment with it. We can become extremely adept with it. We start sharing a connection with universal mind, and then all the other laws actually start to come in extremely naturally because we’re in connection with spirit, with god, with the mind of all one. So comprehending this principle allows the spiritual seeker to apply their mental body functions to serve their highest expression. And this influences all other natural laws allowing us to interact and interconnect with many other layers of intelligent energy. These are the consciousness aspects of ourselves that exist in other dimensions such as our soul aspect, monad aspect and avatar christ, as well as intelligence aspects that exists within our physical body, such as the heart and emotional layers. So it’s always wise to remember, thoughts are things, they are a substance, they are seeds from which our garden grows. And in order to change the harvest we reap, we must first plant new seeds.So now this takes us into subconscious programming and understanding why one of the most important weapons, psychological weapons, negative aliens and controllers use this subconscious programming. Because if we don’t understand the law of mentalism, we don’t have any understanding of discipline of our own mental processes. Most people are run by their subconscious programs. So there is an onslaught of continual electronic harassment, you know, at every level, you know, whether it’s, you know, our devices, our phones, you know, the artificial intelligence frequencies with all kinds of subconscious programming being sent out because you know, somebody knows they want to control the subconscious, they want to get people acting on their unconscious levels because this area of our unconscious mind is a repository of instinctual and primitive impulses. So in a sense, when you’re targeting the subconscious programming, which you’re creating is animalistic feral drives in the human race, which obviously keeps people in a very primitive state. So recognizing that until a human being awakened into a higher state of observation with self awareness and willing to take self responsibility, until this happens, he’s a puppet. Okay, this, all of us, all of us have been a puppet of subconscious programming because we didn’t know this is what we’re subjected to, the second were born here. So we become again directed our impulses, our instinctual reactions and again, understanding that our subconscious maintains the most primitive, animalistic behavior. This is where the aliens, where the controllers want humanity to stay. So subconscious programming is insidious on our planet and this is why, again, being aware of it, knowing how to clear it, knowing how to have mindfulness and observer is so important to allow these subconscious programs and complexes and all the layers of crud that is there to actually be cleared when you’re able to hold observer and witness consciousness in companion with bringing in your avatar christ consciousness.

Now going further, I mean most of us know from many of our previous talks, the unconscious mind is the 1D memory storage. So again, as we know there have been changes in our planet where that unconscious mind, the membrane sort of, well it did, the membrane has dissolved on planet Earth. So we’ve got this problem where unconscious mind is still there, but it’s all permeated with the second dimensional pain body layers and now it’s like a soup of, of subconscious programming and pain programming that’s all like intermixed in there. And that’s a part of noticing some people becoming increasingly chaotic because if we’re not addressing our subconscious or pain body and it’s all mixed in there together, it creates a brew that is a lot more chaotic than it even was, let’s say, you know, 5-10 years ago. So again, that’s a part of the intensity that we’re feeling in the environment around us. So, the first internal layer we know that is the root of unconscious mind. It functions like a hard drive for the overall ego personality and in that place of the subconscious because of all the trauma that has happened to the human race and how our histories have been hidden from us. Because most of us don’t remember the luciferian rebellion or the negative alien invasion or that we’ve been invaded and we are in a prison planet, so we have abuse, trauma, shock and devastation that is recorded in our subconscious, and so we’ll go through parts of that healing, clearing emotional healing process, which is a part of clearing out the subconscious layers of this abuse, trauma, shock and devastation. Now, All of us go through this. It’s a purging of painful memories that has been lodged in this lower area. This 1D, 2D area of our ego personality, which again is fused with a physical body that we were born into.

Now observing when we want to see subconscious patterns, remember you reverse engineer your actions in the outer world. Well, when you’re paying attention to yourself, paying attention to your behaviors with others or during social situations because you’ll notice sometimes you might have a trigger or you’ll act in a way when you’re in the presence of a group or in a social situation and kind of surprises you and you know when you see something like, why did I react this way? You know, you observe it and you look for the perception that you had in that situation that caused you to act that way because usually let’s say if you’re in a group and you don’t feel safe, you’re going to have a coping behavior or some mechanism on the outer, you know, a guardian maybe because you perceive yourself unsafe in that situation. Okay? Now That is good information to have in yourself because you just recognize some part of you doesn’t feel safe in the presence of, you know, x, y, z, this person or this group that is good information to have. Why do you not feel safe in that situation? Now this takes you down to your beliefs. You know, and your motivations. You can look at what your belief was in that situation, what your perception was and then down into what motivated that particular behavior or action. So again, the flow of it is recognizing that your outer action will reveal a belief. The belief will reveal your perception in the moment, what you were thinking was going on or how you were feeling, and that perception is then going to take you to a motivation like what was your motivation? why, why were you there? You know, what, what was in this situation, what was your intent? What was going on? This is valuable information about yourself. So again, this is working with the Law of Mentalism and again, many of the negative ego tools that we have are designed to help you master the Law of Mentalism.

So, we have to Discipline and strengthen our mind to work in alignment to the service of our higher self and not go on a wild goose chase of subconscious desires and uncontrolled impulses, like the majority of humanity around us, unfortunately. That is the Law of Mentalism. Once we get this adept at the law mentalism, it helps you work with every other law much more easily and then eventually connect into universal mind where you can handle connection with the larger mind of god.

2nd Law: Law of Correspondence (1:11:05)
The next law is Law of Correspondence and I purposely did not want to call this Law of Attraction because Law of Attraction just has, what a disservice this is, become a shiny, commercialized product use to attract people into the New Age False Ascension Matrix. So, even the Law of Correspondence has a very deep significance with Law of Attraction, we’re going to call it Law of Correspondence because really what’s important to understand with it is that what is expressed from inner is matched what express in outer and vice versa. Meaning, as above, so below. So on the spiritual path, our goal is to express more balance and symmetry between the layers of correspondence that we become aware of. Now, I was talking about this earlier, that’s a very important principle of unity. When we start bringing unity between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual layers, and again, the process begins when mental and emotional body will start to harmonize that. We want to clear cognitive dissonance, our triggers, things that we avoid. We want to become aware of that because we want to bring unity, balance and symmetry between these layers because they correspond and work together. If they are not communicating with each other, you’re going to get chaotic mess out in the external world, right?

Your life is going to become a lot more difficult, a lot more chaotic forces around. So the principle expressing the Law of Correspondence is that these patterns of natural laws of consciousness exists simultaneously in multiple dimensional planes of being in life – as above, so below. What’s in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers, they all have correspondence. So this is when we talk about integrating the layers, this is a part of what this means – in bringing balance and working in harmony with the law of correspondence. So this principle says – There’s correspondence between multiple planes of reality which form into integrated and harmonious interactions or not. Again, physical mental, emotional, spiritual planes, individual microcosm or collective macrocosm levels. If we want to understand more about the Causal reality and events that are happening around us, we look at the macro to the micro. We look at the micro, to the macro. We observe interconnections and patterns that are present there. To understand the nature of problems and life lessons, we look beyond the linear thinking of the issue, we do use some critical thinking here, but we look as well into the layers that created it. You look at the correspondence, see patterns, and if you can feel energies, resonance, things that generated in that situation. So the Law of Correspondence informs us the original intent and quality of an energy or a thought form that was used to co-create something in which we can observe causality through a mirror of reality. So in this way, it’s very similar to the basic comprehension of Law of Attraction, but as we know this has been, I would say abused for service to self. So twisting the law into service to sell for an egoic perspective. So the Law of Cause and Effect is not taught interchangeably to increase comprehension of Law of Attraction, meaning that there are consequences to what we’re co-creating.

There is a consequence of action, there’s cause and effect, and we have to consider cause and effect.
At the same time we’re working with law of correspondence or law of attraction, we have to understand the cause and effect. So, just going back for a moment in this new thought philosophy of the new age, Law of Attraction is the belief or understanding that positive, negative thoughts bring positive or negative experience into a person’s life. Okay. That’s great. Okay. That is a great statement because that is exactly. That is a true statement. Now the issue here with this is, that people that are not working with the Law of Mentalism or understanding how to discipline the mind and also to seek truth beyond lies, delusion and selfish motivations, they’re using the law of attraction for convenience and usually they add a lot of spiritual bypassing. So it’s like understanding a lot of the new age, you know, they’re talking about Law of Attraction and this is about reframing, is a cognitive reframing technique, which is actually very positive because using a positive vibration and affirmations and, creative visualization to replace our limiting self-destructive negative thoughts. But when we’re doing spiritual bypassing, where we refuse to look at darkness because we believe it’s going to be unpleasant and it’s gonna lower our vibration. This is a very egoic and selfish behavior, so as many of us may understand, there’s a very positive influence in the comprehension of positive negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into our life, yes, but if we don’t understand cause and effect or truth, and you know it’s not important to us, it can manifest into very egoic and selfish behavior like spiritual bypassing. So spiritual bypassing is generally an ego defense mechanism that is used by people identifying as lightworkers or on the ascension path, but they’re unwilling to even look at here are see negativity or look at anything unpleasant that’s maybe happening around them because they consider that these unpleasant things are negative energy and it’s going to lower their personal vibration.

Therefore, they choose to ignore it. Pretend it doesn’t exist, and this is delusional. This is understanding that this is a person that is delusional. Spiritual bypassing is an act of pure egoic selfishness in the guise of being an evolved and higher consciousness person. So again, understanding how the Law of Attraction has been abused, and again, understanding that Law of Correspondence is our preferred way of describing the second Law of the Correspondence to the chakra, sphere 2. You know, again, because we’re working with second dimensional frequencies that are connected to the Law of Correspondence. And the other piece of this that’s very interesting is that the royal star Aldebaran is connected to the Law of Correspondence. So when we understand the Michael wars and all the damage that has happened as a result of it. This is very interesting because the new age hijack has primarily relied on marketing and spreading the Law of Attraction distortions in order to continually access Michael timelines on Aldebaran. And so, the FAMis being held in place by an abuse of the law of attraction because there are Michael off-planet Michael timelines on Aldebaran. And, this is a way for the FAM, the False Ascension Matrix to continually grow its consciousness traps on the earth to emotionally manipulate. and un-insnare unaware masses that are deeply mired in the same vibration, pain body distortion. So anyway, we could also say Law of Attraction is an attack on Michael family because they would have a more of a frequency alignment to this, to actually be attracted to it with this connection to a Michael healing and Archangel Michael and Aldebaran wars, and how confusing all of that has been in the New Age. So that is a very interesting thing to understand.

3rd Law: Law of Polarity (1:19:05)
Now, moving into the next law, the Law of Polarity. We’ve had a whole newsletter dedicated to this. And so clearly we’ve talked about this before, but recognizing Law of Polarity is connected directly to the chakra dimensions 3, and working with conscious mind of ego personality. So when we’re mastering again that conscious mind, we’re understanding the Law of Polarity, right? So a big piece of negative ego clearing is actually mastering the Law of Polarity in your thought forms, like being able to see the difference, right? We’re discerning what’s love and what’s fear. So the Law of Polarity essentially means that things that may appear as opposite at varying degrees of positive/negative, are actually, one of the two sides of the same thing. So ultimately our spiritual goal is to unify and link up what’s known as the particle matter and anti-particle matter of our consciousness through this process of polarity integration. So polarity integration is identifying and locating a consciousness content that which we may be unable to link and bond together, intending to unify them through witnessing in the neutral point or through the love vibration. I mean essentially it’s about taking you know, fear vibrations and transmuting it into neutral or to love.

And this is the practice of the art of mental alchemy and transmutation of the lower vibrations of fear. So remembering to transcend fear, overcome it, we must move somewhere else in our emotional body, so our emotional landscape, we must move into love, unconditional love for ourselves, compassion, forgiveness, and remembering, you know, through the Law of Polarity, especially for shock and some kind of fear. Coming back to simplify the two primary emotions of love and fear. Noting the negative ego likes to play in the fear based programming, we need to access our heart to bring the love in, to completely dissolve the fear programming. So we have to make a decision to be in one place or, or the other. There’s isn’t any neutrality with that, you know, that we need to actively choose love at every moment because if we don’t actively choose love, you may find yourself in fear or one of its extension. So every moment is offering us this choice, more love, and we must continually make this choice, especially in difficult circumstances, when our commitment to love is being challenged. You know, meaning that we’re feeling fear and our love vibration is being challenged. So, you know, when we choose love as we know, it doesn’t mean that you’re not ever going to feel fear again, until you get to a point of, of deep embodiment and relationship with god and you’ve gotten through all the fear package. But, it’s an ongoing process. And the polarity integrators know this, right? You know, on the ascension path, you know, we’re all polarity integrators. We’re in a process of merging these opposite poles, bringing them into neutral. And this is achieving a state of balance and unity. We’re actually creating a triad, right? You’ve got to think of the bi-wave and we’re creating a tri-wave as a polarity integrator.

So the wholeness of the universe is a triad and this helps us to understand the threefold founder flame, and this is a part that the triad brings us to energetic balance. It transmits the sacred geometry which brings forth our completion, our inner balance, or what could be called our inner perfection between the masculine and feminine. These polarities become unified and that perpetually returns us back into the godhead. So mastery over pain body and negative ego is a direct reflection of the level of our spiritual maturity and we transform fear in our body and our mind and our emotions into love. However, the only way to heal and rehabilitate this emotional damage is to have the courage to face it without judgment, allowing our inner spirit to help us release these energy blockages by feeling love, choosing love. It requires as well, in order to do this, I feel that we need an accurate assessment of this reality so that we can live in this world, this matter world of 3D Earth and not allow it to totally overwhelm us, you know, which also takes us into fear generally. And so we’re not impacted by the extreme negativity that’s being pushed in the environment. Again, this is the path of the polarity integrator.

4th Law: Law of Rhythm (1:23:54)
Now moving into the Law of Rhythm. Understanding of this is connected to the Astral mind of the solar body. So thinking of moving into chakra dimensions, the fourth dimension, that astral layer. So the Law of Rhythm is basically the expression of there is a principle that between these opposing poles of polarity, that in between everything, there is a motion of energy that moves to and fro. So it’s sort of like it’s a to and a from. It’s an outflow, it’s an inflow. There’s always an outflow and inflow like they’re always isn’t one. There’s a swing backward and forward. Like if somebody’s going backwards is gonna come forward again. And in some ways it’s kinda like a Law of Cycles, but more of this is expressed as a pendulum, like movement with energy, between the opposing poles of polarity. So between that love or fear, there’s a swing back and forth and it’s ongoing. It’s oscillating. And it’s how it is. So when this is happening, to find our energetic balance in the Law of Rhythm. This is where we look for moderation because we know that neutral is the point of power. If we stay neutral while everything’s swinging backward and forward around us, this is how we hold ourselves strong in the middle of chaos, but working with this law, again, the Law of Rhythm is knowing when to act, when to be passive, when to speak or remain silent, when to retreat or move forward in circumstances. These are keys to self-mastery.

So the Law of Rhythm in order to work in alignment with it, is really understanding energetic balance and emotional competence so that we can keep ourselves in that center, as much as possible. And remembering the key to balanced health, the key to our sanity at this time is really restoring energetic balance, you know, throughout all of our parts as we can. Again, you know, looking for how do I create balance in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers, you know, bringing some time and attention to the layers, you know where things need to be integrated or corrected or what could I do to bring more balance to myself? Integrated ascension is about achieving energetic balance in our bodies, in our multidimensional layers, therefore achieving through that balance, once we achieve balance, the next state of consciousness is that it moves us into sacred marriage because that is the merge between the layers. Things become integrated, married, connected. So all change begins within us as we know. As we hold value for life, for ourselves, we develop our self worth and self love, we are empowered to be a positive force of spiritual transcendence that restores energetic balance in our body and our mind and our spirit and in our lives. And also remembering love is the force that restores balance and harmony to all things.

Additionally, emotional competence, knowing that a lot of the times it’s our emotions that kind of takes us off-center, right? When this pendulum is swinging back and forth, there’s this, you know, big polarity extremes, right? Because what we’re exposed to in the world today is amplified polarity. I mean, we’ve been using that term for so long now, the bifurcation is increasing it, the polarities in the outer are so extreme and sometimes it can look just like craziness. Things are dissolving and becoming incoherent and there’s so much doublespeak and gaslighting and confusion and you know, this is a result of everything being out of energetic balance, right within this rhythm. People are not in balance, they don’t have emotional competence. And so these are very important for us and bringing ourselves into that still point, into that neutral. So again, emotional competence, knowing that strengthens our character.

We want to be able to recognize and describe our emotions. You know, what are you feeling right now in this moment? Like being able to describe your emotional state, how well can you interpret what your emotions are telling you? You’re feeling something. What is it? Do you know what your body’s telling you? What is the message they’re getting to that point where you understand your emotions more deeply? How successfully do you respond to emotions in others as well? Are you uncomfortable with it? Are you comfortable? You know, because we need to get comfortable in our palette of emotions, whatever it is, to allow it to be what it is and not judge it. So without personal goals of desiring to increase our emotional competence and being honest with ourselves and others, we risk playing out destructive emotions in our self talk. So again, we have to heal our negative emotions or we become prisoners of inner violence, creating a lot of more, you know, chaos in our life. So when we are strong and capable to maintain neutral in the chaos of rising and falling forces, we are then able to act in alignment to our highest purpose and spiritual mission. And again, that is holding that calm in the storm, the calm in the chaos and working with the understanding the Law of Rhythm helps us to connect to that. Even if we just intend energetic balance and really having a emotional competency in ourselves, really understanding our emotions in ourselves and accepting it, being comfortable in our emotions because that’s what we need to get comfortable in our emotions. When you are at that level, you’re working in alignment with Law of Rhythm, you’re not resisting it.

5th Law: Law of Suggestion (1:29:53)
So moving on to the Law of Suggestion. And again this connects to the archetypal mind of solar body. This is the 5th dimension and sphere 5 and chakra 5. So essentially with the Law of Suggestion, this is interesting that it connects to the exploded planet Maldek, connects to Leo and the Sun. So essentially this particular law, what it means is that we become the sum total of our experiences in how we interpreted those experiences, through our accumulated thoughts and beliefs. So how we’ve interpreted our experience and then what has been told to us, you know, through parents, through society, etc. What has been suggested to us through our education, through our social conditioning, through the programming. Okay. What has been spoken to us, spoken word. Think of your throat chakra, aligning your voice to divine will, speaking, allowing your spirit to speak. So our direct experiences, interpretations of life – subconsciously, consciously, and through our spiritual bodies, this creates who we are, like the sum total of our experiences, who we are in this moment.

So what is spoken, what, what is spoken from others, what we speak, what is heard and interpreted, what is seen and perceived from our body filter and station of identity, this is what we become. So the consciousness principle explains the gathering as well of our inner strength that is required to go beyond the conditioning, right? Because think about all of this accumulation of conditioning, of what has been spoken and heard, you know, through our entire life stream, what has been suggested to us from environmental conditioning and a family of origin, inherited beliefs, religion, behaviors. I mean, it is so complicated. How do we shift out of this? The accumulated results of this shaping, the millions of suggestions that have been sent out to us since birth from our environment and the people around us, the first thing we must do to call upon and work with the Law of Suggestion is how to speak clearly, directing focus, mental energy upon again, positive ideas, loving thought forms in order to magnify the spoken word and thought forms substance into manifest. So through our energy centers, our chakras, we receive the subtle energies from solar light attracted to the quality of the sum total of what we are and the quality of our current thoughts and emotions. So the purpose of our incarnation is to gradually embody the full actualization of our inner light source, a reflection of our own inner and outer sun. But we must learn how to direct our lifeforce and energy resources properly and this means, through what we speak. You know, we often say – say what you mean, mean what you say, which is very important to the Law of Suggestion and in alignment to again, our heart-based and authentic feelings, we are reflecting who we really are. We speak, we’re speaking our heart. So, to best align with this law, we want to understand our weaknesses and vulnerabilities again, with neutral association. We don’t judge ourselves because we genuinely want to be a better conduit for our embodiment and spiritual expression. We want to do our best with what we’ve been given. So again, now that we’ve worked with Law of Mentalism and we come into the Law of Suggestion, now we know better that we’re responsible for what we say. We’re responsible for what we think, we’re responsible for how we interpret reality, and that we accumulate in our thoughts, that these thoughts are things and they have vibrations and that this substance is what we are becoming as an identity in the present time and potentially it influences our future. So in order to understand that, the importance of that, this is when self-assessment becomes important because being in alignment with the Law of Suggestion, knowing that all of this accumulation of suggestions everywhere and how we’re interpreting it, is shaping who and what we’re becoming. We want to assess ourselves and assess our surroundings. If we want to relax, we have to create the conditions for our body to move into a relaxed state. So a part of being more calm and relaxed is creating conditions for that. So again, about being more positive, more spiritual is creating conditions for that. We want to come into an assessment of knowing how we can make adjustments to set conditions for what we would like to become, who we would like to be, again, feeling into our heart, who are we?

So when we have grounded more peaceful states, we also become increasingly aware of personal atmosphere, what’s operating in our environment, and we adjust ourselves in our personal energy accordingly until our flow is more natural because we’re aligned to a flow in a system of energy that we’re interacting with. And again, the more resonant we are with something, the easier it is to be in the flow of that system. So we feel the flow of energy and we discern what the energy requires of us in the moment. Again, do we act? Are we silent? Do we need to stay there? Do we need to leave? You know, because it’s not for us. We’re not resonating or just didn’t feel good. You look at what the energy is telling you to do, this means that we gained skill with right thinking, right action and right speaking, because those are all actually kind of interconnected. We speak authentically from our heart, we match our words with what we are expressing. Again, this is – say what you mean, mean what you say. So the Law of Suggestion is an alchemical principle of the solar bodies. So this is very interesting as well that it’s very connected to the sun and solar light and through the Law of Suggestion is connected to spiritualize our speech, to spiritualize our mental and emotional body. This law is about bringing the solar body spirit essence into our emotions, to this state of mental, emotional processing. And as well that are empathy and emotional experiences can actually be altered. So our emotions can be spiritualized to build our light body, to build our light stronger. So Law of Suggestion is telling us that through our emotions we can spiritualize it and we can build our light body through it. We can build the light in us and around us to be very strong by calling upon the strength of this process, the brings the inner strength of our spiritual light into the surface to positively affect the environment we’re in.

It gives us a natural self-control that increases our spiritual strength in which things that used to bother us do not bother us anymore because we recognize the power that comes with inner light source and we choose to direct that power in the highest ethics and virtue as possible. So this is a reminder to not feed our power source or emotions to conduits of negativity, but to use our power to overcome evil, overcome fear, transform situations into goodness, into more light, knowing we have the power to do so. We have the power to overcome by drawing on our own solar light, the source of our strength. We have the power of transmutation. The power in our consciousness is capable of performing alchemy through seeing things, as they are, in the observer and choosing the divine will to overcome shadow and make it light. This power is the sacred beauty that exists in all of us and that is made manifest through this principle. And this is what rises from within us to give us the strength to overcome obstacles and adversity and challenges in the pure light of consciousness, devoid of the negative ego filtering.

6th Law: Law of Response (1:38:32)
Coming into the Virgo correspondence into the celestial mind if solar body and Chakra and dimension 6. So this law means that when we genuinely seek guidance and help from spiritual energetic rounds from consciousness, we pray, we ask directly for guidance and support that we will always receive a response. How does it make you feel? I think that made, this made me feel as well, so wonderful. And the thing is, I know over the years so many people have been confused about their guidance, but it’s understanding it is our responsibility to learn how to listen, how to listen to the whisper in the stillness of our heart for the direct response to our question, and we were not going to get a whole paragraph answer. We’re going to get a breadcrumb. Step one, do this. So we have to allow ourselves to be in neutral, like a beginner’s mind so we can receive an answer to our request. We must ask directly stating our requests for help as clearly as possible with loving vibrations. The light within us will ignite a spark, allowing the ego to dissolve in the light, so we begin to hear the inner message. Additionally, an extension of the Law of Response is interpreted as the Golden Rule, and the golden rule is the most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights in which each individual has a right to just treatment and a reciprocal responsibility to ensure justice for others. The Golden Rule is an ethical code or moral truth that essentially states one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. This is why it’s such a powerful statement in principle to live one’s life by. It is a universal language that is actually a universal law. It is within the Law of Response. So again, how do we work with Law of Response? That’s prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation connects us to higher intelligence and has positive impacts on calming our body and our mind, and meditation is the skill of focusing all of your energy and attention in one specific area, in the present moment. The consistent practice of meditation comes with all kinds of health benefits. It helps us to increase our concentration, and decrease our anxiety, and it helps us to have a general feeling of well being, deepening our connection. So prayer focuses on positive emotions like love, gratitude and compassion which allow goodness in our lives and in the lives of those we pray for. So spiritually centering ourselves on peace and prayer and contemplation of god and our connection in the universe helps us maintain our trust in life and relaxes every part of our body.

So when you’re in need of spiritual guidance, it’s the law that is relevant. It helps you connect deeper with a feminine principle and synthesize the heart and brain into a unified cooperation. However, it’s remembering that you have to take the time and effort to pray and meditate in order to get a response, and that may mean you set the conditions that you are able to get quiet and still within so that you can connect and feel the direction of where you are being led by your higher self. Spirit is there, spirit is here to help assist us with everything. Really take that in. You are not alone. Your spirit and other benevolent lights spirits are all around you, that really want to help you in every way they can. They want to be of service to you. Just the same as when we intentionally dedicate our life to the process of service to others, so reflect upon the ways that your inner guidance and spirit are communicating with you and pay attention to that. Spirit talks to us in anything; it will use symbolism patterns, animated sensations in our body to connect with us to help us get the message across.

7th Law: Law of Cause and Effect (1:42:58)
An extremely important law of course, is Law of Cause and Effect. This is connected to Libra, the first layer of Monadic body and the seventh chakra and sphere. So, whatever quality of energy is generated from thought emotion or behavior, this combination sets into motion a cycle of energy that must eventually returned back to its causal source completing it’s circuit. There are many dimensional planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law because at the end of the cycle, all is accounted for. It is up to each of us to understand and make proper use of this law because on the path of expanding consciousness, we learn that we will have to answer for our actions. We have to account for the energy we were given. There is no such thing as randomness, chance or luck as there, is cause for every effect and an effect for every cause. The empowering point of this and aligning to this principle is to make the conscious choice to rise above the limiting thought forms of the collective of the masses and choose to become your own cause in reality, not just the effect of others and the situations that you find yourself in. So again, we’re all required to understand the difference. What is positive forces, what is negative forces to us? Okay, so now we’re accessing that Law of Polarity. You can see Law of Polarity and Cause and Effect as well, are very important in working with them together because we need to determine positive and negative effects at forces will return when they manifest in our life. If we do not understand causality of effects that happen in our life, if we cannot determine the difference between positive forces and negative forces, and this is again light and dark forces, right? When they’re acting in our life, we become very confused and unhappy. So remember, positive loving actions that intent, no matter what it is, bring positive and loving results, negative and fear based actions bring negative and fear based results. Our actions bring our results through the quality based and the polarity we have chosen, love or fear. So humanity has the freedom to choose in this way. And then, we know this is kind of dicey because we’re dealing with an element of prison planet and mind control subconscious programming, but understanding that we can overcome it by understanding this law. According to alignment of our thoughts and our decisions, we experience enlightenment or delusion or contentment or chaos. So we must learn from our past decisions. Take what we’ve learned from any unpleasant results in order to make more positive and loving choices for ourselves in the future.

This is about learning from our experiences, learning from our mistakes. This Is the process of cultivating right thinking and right alignment. We know that if our pain is increasing, if our suffering is increasing, something’s got to change. The awareness is that transformation of the way we do things is required. Pain is a lesson in this way. So as a result, we must be very clear about our personal value systems where we place our attention, focus and time because where we direct our interest, initiates the movement through the Law of Cycles and either love and fear of vibrations. So causality is a universal principle that everything has a cause. I know sometimes it doesn’t look like it around us, but recognize everything that happens around us, there’s a causality to it. It is the act of relationship that exists between cause and effect and it is the relationship of bringing new creation, new life and manifesting, something that turns possibilities into actualities. Causality is the continual link made between all of the cause and effect connections that are made throughout all of time, the chain of causal connections that have no beginning or end. So the consequences of effects that are made from this infinite causal chain of connection simultaneously ripple forwards and backwards in time. So when we’re clearing destructive energies, transiting and shifting timelines, we’re working with the principle of causality that exists in the instruction set of the field and what has been recorded in the past has influenced and reaches into the future. So when we clear trauma as an example from the past, we’re clearing an event that happened in our past as if that trauma was not experienced at all or in the same way. And this heals the whole timeline up to the present moment where the healing actually took place and that impacts your future.

8th Law: Law of Transformation (1:48:00)
So moving to the Law of Transformation, this is certainly one, many of us here use a lot, right, and connected to Scorpio, the Metatronic layer of the Mondic body, chakra 8, and the royal star Antares. So, as your consciousness moves through the energy matrix of time, the results of our experiences are transforming us on multiple planes simultaneously, passing from one stage into another eternal cycle. So in these cycles, there really is no death, only transformation of the energy form into another form. As consciousness moves throughout the timelines in a perpetual state of death, rebirth, transmutation. So for purposes of spiritual growth, consciousness growth, we will encounter many situations and events that will constantly evolve and change. And as these situations end, transformation occurs, in which new situations take their place. The ego death occurs when the false identity and the old way of thinking dies and an aspect of ourselves is reborn. So this process of dark night of the soul also encompasses the consciousness principle of the Law of Transformation. So to achieve the inner alchemy of synthesizing the polarity of events that we are exposed to, we are constantly transforming energies, transforming polarities, transforming ourselves, transforming the timelines. Through every transformative event we’re elevating ourselves towards achieving closer to spiritual liberation and transcendence. And again that’s through the spiritual ascension path, choosing love and connection with god, is we move through various portals of change and transformation throughout our life, we may move entirely into another dimension of reality. So knowing as well with the law of transformation, recognizing that our emotional elemental body during this cycle is shifting from carbon based items to a higher base to elemental through higher frequency activation and planetary magnetic shifts.

And this helps us to connect dots as well, that our own bodies are built in a process of spiritual progression, to perform personal out chemical processes as a part of this Law of Transformation. So during the ascension cycle, the alchemical transformation of our consciousness evolution merges with this greater scientific understanding of DNA synthesis or DNA activation, which certainly plays an important indirect role in spiritual ascension. Recognizing the mother principle is returning the record of mitochondrial DNA through current magnetic shifts which helped to reinstate the blood, brain and neurological system blueprints into a higher functioning that allows us to bond with the DNA of our true origin. And, really what this means is removing alien bonds, right? Removing all the alien machinery created from alien hybridization, genetic modification that is made with other species that are not from our planetary system. So when we look at DNA synthesis or DNA activation, we can look as well to the magnum opus, seeing a brief summary listed in the galactic zodiac. Because what is listed there are principles of alchemy based on the law of transformation. This is a direct process of the blueprint for biological, spiritual, ascension of a human being. So when you look at each of these stages, we’re dealing with natural laws that impact, you know, our consciousness. But when we’re looking at the galactic zodiac and the magnum opus, what we’re looking at is the formula of spiritual ascension. It’s the actual alchemy, the alchemical themes that occur in companionship with these laws.

So as an example, I’m just moving through the stage of them areas, which again brings:

– The first stage, purification and calcination, and then we move into Taurus, which is a congelation and a transformation. This is when something thickens into a new pattern or creates a new blueprint.

– Then we go into the Gemini, which is a fixation and a synthesis of that pattern or blueprint, and

– Then Cancer, which is the disillusion or dismantling of unnecessary substances, energies or objects that have been shifted from the alchemical synthesis of the polarity integration of these forces

– We move into Leo, which is the digestion and conversion of all of this new substance over a period of time that helps us change the composition of our bodies, of the way we think or the way we feel or the way we perceive things. This is the digestion of reality. That’s really what that means. The change of digesting our reality allows us to experience as well greater acceptance with things as they are. You see things. it is what it is.

– Virgo brings distillation and purity of the essence internally. It separates contaminants and unnecessary things and it starts to distill and refine the inner spirit.

– The Libra is about sublimation and transmutation as well in it’s our chemical theme, elevating our consciousness. We learned to sublimate and transform negative emotions, negative polarity.

– We come into Scorpio and many times, this is the stillness of the separation and isolation that had been contaminating us. We experienced the sequestering away from certain influences or forces is, when we focus inside and we start to germinate our spiritual consciousness into fullness with our own essence.

– And we have a Ophiuchus, which is relatively new into the galactic zodiac. In being able through, it’s alchemical theme to perform a wound healing, spiritual wound healing through the divine firewater or ether element. This is a phase of solar alignment with cosmic ether appearing in the galactic center that pours healing spiritual waters into earth and humanity from the mother. Previously these waters were corrupted, entrapping the mother and the Gold Ray Seraphim on Earth by the knowledge coveting serpent. These are the Reptilian races, hence the Ophiuchus is also the symbol for the fallen angel. So understanding as well that with the Ophiuchus it brings the pending birth of the Christ child growing in the womb of divine mother and coming into a manifestation on earth.

– And then Sagittarius, the resurrection process, the ascension process that incinerates old forms, it incinerates, old and decrepit energies through healing crisis to resurrect a more perfect form Capricorn.

– Capricorn which is what we’re doing right now, is the fermentation and illumination process where the cellular tissues undergoes a massive shift to allow more ATP measured in the cells to hold even more light within the physical layers.

– Aquarius is alchemical theme of multiplication of virtues. So again, understanding that traditional alchemy of turning base metal into gold and silver, because multiplication is the alchemical process that only the Christ consciousness knows how to do it. The refinement and energetic effectiveness of the embodied biological spiritual light by multiplying itself through its pure embodied spiritual essence. The abundance of spiritual light blesses the environment from the beacon within a krystal body, multiplying abundance and blessings for all those who come in contact with it, as well as increasing the well-being for all who come in contact with it.

– And again, Pisces through the 13th stage has the hidden perfection of the Law of Gender within it, alchemical theme is the Christos Sophia bringing divine firewater and again the christ child resulting from the Cosmic Father and Mother and the stars themselves, bringing the krystal being into manifestation with the eternal krystal body, able to break out of karmic cycles, attaining spiritual freedom from reincarnation in this space time.
So this is the ultimate process of planetary ascension that is represented through the Law of Gender and the alchemical theme of Pisces. So we can see Law of Transformation is directly connected to all of the alchemical themes supporting the biological spiritual ascension in it’s alchemical process within the body, the physical self and the consciousness of the human being.

9th Law: Law of Transcendence (1:57:39)
Moving into Law of Transcendence. This is connected to as well the Causal mind in the Monadic body. And this is Sphere 9, chakra 9 as well. This has correspondence to Ophiuchus as well, as a part of the, I would say, the next stage of Ophiuchus transcendence. Because in the pursuit of enlightenment, now the ego loses dominance. We recognize God in everything, the spirit that exists in everything, and we naturally choose to consciously participate co-creating with God in order to generate more goodness. The Law of Transcendence is the moment we experienced the sacred vibration of Love is omnipresent and we feel the mind of god permeating our mind and we are able to grasp universal knowledge beyond a state of reasoning because now we are directly connected. And this is also very much connected to divine right order. Understanding that position where now your your blueprint, your consciousness, your purpose is beyond all that you have experienced in lessons. You move into this divine right order, understanding that your true nature, everything that you are is to be in alignment with true spiritual law and that this is to be made present in all governing time and space through your own personal intent, through your own personal consent.

You’re choosing the authority of god’s natural laws to be manifested within your consciousness throughout creation, and that’s it. It’s not my will. It’s divine will, which is deferring to the highest expression possible in every moment. So when we’re saying divine right order, we are actually invoking the Law of Transcendence and this kind of fast tracks just as well, with the emphasis and the components of the Ophiuchus and the divine firewater and the opening into the Golden gate, because divine right order connects us directly with god’s natural laws and the consciousness throughout their creation. Meaning the highest expression of the timeline, the heroic probability of yourself, you know, this is divine right order. So again, divine right order is supplied by right of universal law. It has common applicability to all of humanity. It is the heart based intention and prayer said, when invoking God’s natural law to establish the highest spiritual expression for our being and our life purpose. So this is the moment we embody the greater truth and realization of our spiritual being, experiencing our direct relationship with God, and in the face of this higher truth, we give up everything. So that we can receive something of much, much greater value, and this value is a personal treasure that is revealed to your person. It is your inner truth. It is your relationship with God. No person, no thing can take this away from you.

10th Law: Law of Verification (2:00:54)
Moving into Law of Verification, our astrological connection is Sagittarius. It’s connected to the 10th sphere and the first layer of the Solar Christ Mind. So the Law of Verification is the link of what has been learned through our lessons in life and the gathering of that knowledge that has been accumulated and then verifying those experiences by figuring out how to apply the knowledge of what you’ve learned into your everyday life. So we take our spiritual lessons, we explore the opportunity to apply them in the material world, paying attention to the results we may get from our actions, from our efforts. So to verify something, is to prove to ourselves that something exists or is true or to make certain that something is correct. It is the process of establishing the truth, accuracy or validity of something for ourselves. You don’t need to validate it for someone else, you need to validate or verify for yourself. So that’s what this law is. It’s the process of verifying something, in helping you to bring it into practical application into your day to day life. So on the spiritual path, we’re all faced with a process of verifying things that are true for us, but as an example, we can see that the behavior of spiritual bypassing ignores this law entirely and that many people adopt beliefs that make them and their ego feel better, but they remain unverified and are actually false beliefs. So if we don’t take time to verify and validate, this is like doing our own due diligence with our own process of spiritual growth and truth seeking, then we are ignoring the most important part in our process. In blossoming into a more coherent, energetically balanced, reasonable and clear person. People that do not verify their own beliefs and experiences do you tend to be delusional. They only want what they want and they’re not willing to look at anything in the world beyond what they wish it was or what they want to see. So if we look at negativity and challenges we face as life lessons designed to expand our consciousness, we approach problems in life with a completely different attitude. The Law of Verification teaches us a lesson through inner revelation, that the path of moderation in all pursuits in life in order to ultimately achieve energetic balance is the key to gaining mastery over this law, which then opens the communication with neutral forces or the trinity waves.

11th Law: Law of Cycles (2:03:44)
And the Law of Cycles connected to Capricorn. So we’re in it right now. Chakras, Sphere 11, Budhic mind of the Avatar body, and this is connected to the Magi crowns through the Four Royal stars unified. Now, the Law of Cycles is understanding the wheel of life, that consciousness experiences itself moving throughout timelines, facing many challenges throughout those cycles. The Law of Cycles governs the cosmic clock of the eons and that presides over four layers of the archetypal world and again, those four archetypal worlds are described as the emanation, creation, formation, and action. All of this is simultaneously taking place in the realms of universal consciousness which is connected to the fire, water, air, and earth. Now, all four archetypal worlds have correspondence to our personal lightbody as well, and then we work to be synthesize, synthesizing this in the realm of our mind, emotions and spirit, rising through purposs. Its purpose, through ideas in blueprints, undergoing the work in process or spiritual alchemy in order to gain the results of its manifested reality upon the earthly plane. Now, the Law of Cycles is magnified right now because this end of astrological procession happens approximately every 26,000 years. So we’ve got a lot of amplification of Law of Cycles. Right now, we can access up to the12th astrological procession in the inner world timelines, which at certain points in the time cycle, when mergers occur, new architecture can be created which impacts particle and anti-particle layers of time. And this time is right now. So this is the complete procession cycle. One astrological age covers a period of approximately 26,000 years. This is also called the Great Platonic year, during which time, the equinox regresses over a full 360 degrees. So, the processional movement determines the length of astrological age or eon. The procession of the equinoxes is caused by the differential between the gravitational forces that exists between the Sun and Moon influence upon the collective consciousness fields of planet Earth.

So aligning to Law of Cycles is again understanding to be the observer and approach challenging life situations with awareness, but detachment. Being capable to embrace change and be flexible to adapt through cycles. For the human race to survive in this new energetic terrain, we’re being forced to transform our beliefs and develop a variety of new behavioral patterns of adaptive traits. And these adoptive traits are stimulated by higher truth such as comprehending the natural laws through which we’re governed, further supporting our evolution through the collective human race blueprint and helping to catalyze future generations capacity to better evolve into higher functioning DNA.

The human race is currently in a phase of this adaptation and this is a difficult re-education and learning process required to continue to evolve and develop higher consciousness through these Law of Cycle. So one final thought upon the Law of Cycles is really reflecting if you are able to compassionately witness cycles around you, because bringing to mind any situations and relations that you may have, attachment or excessive emotions. Bringing that situation into observation to let it go and neutralize effects. In understanding, we have to bring our trust in the cycles of constant change, allowing these cycles to show us the way of better alignment.

12th Law: Law of Vibration (2:07:51)
So the Law of Vibration is chakra and sphere 12, it’s the Avatar mind of Avatar body and connected to the royal star Fomalhaut. So this natural law describes the principle that everything is in constant motion, nothing rests. Everything vibrates at a rate that’s either faster or slower and rotates which forms a rate of frequency vibration. So we talk a lot about this when you see the chakra wave spectrum and the spectrum of frequencies. In the ascension glossary, it has again, each of the layers of understanding a pattern of vibration, the pattern of frequency. So understanding the rate of frequency vibration is connected to a pattern of contraction or expansion. It’s the speed that determines the frequency rate that exists in all energy and things. So we can apply the first Law of Mentalism, shifting our thoughts, changing our mental state into a higher positive state. And this is working with the Law of Vibration. We’re moving into a higher vibration. When we direct our focus upon loving and positive states and higher frequencies, you know, this is applying our personal will in order to shift vibration. And this is called Mental Transmutation. So this principle explains that there is a distinction between the manifestations of planes of matter, energy, mind, and spirit. All of this exists coexist together, but it’s the result of different vibrations existing on various frequency scales. So the higher the energy of a person that is on this frequency scale, the higher rate of vibration they will embody and therefore there’ll be able to communicate and interact with.

13th Law: Law of Gender (2:09:39)
So moving to the final law, the Law of Gender, and you know, looking at the Law of Gender as connected to the 13th gateway, Hieros Gamic union, the building of the Orb, freedom light body, that ascension vehicle, the Albion and Cathar in the Christ, the Christian Krystallah, I really started to understand, well, no wonder there is a massive war being waged against our sex and our gender. When we look at the craziness of, you know, the transgender, you know, hype and the transgender mixture with transhumanism and how this is exploiting and reversing the Law of Gender, this makes a lot of sense to me is, is why they’re attacking this law so aggressively. Now again, we’ve had a Law of Gender class, so we’ve talked about this before. Again, from guardian perspective, this is a universal law, gender principle of creation. Gender exists. Everything has a masculine and feminine principle which produced metaphysical forces that play a role in creation and regeneration. Nothing can manifest into being without use of this law. Gender principle is intrinsic to every form in existence, including the human body which is designed in gender principle biology. So as we bring energetic synthesis between the gender principles, we synthesize the forces of polarity in gender present into neutral zero point, and this gives birth to the third field, the Christ child. This is the evolutionary journey of ascension that merges our physical self with our spiritual bodies and ultimately God’s source. So when we live in harmony with the Law of Gender, it catalyzes a profound spiritual healing that helps us neutralize karmic burdens and miasmatic patterns, allowing us to be unified and living in increasing harmony with the forces in the external world.

And as I’ve said before, with the Law of Gender, the most profound piece of working with the Law of Gender is healing the False parent. Humanity’s greatest task during the ascension cycle is to heal their personal emotional trauma around sexual pain and gender wounding that is related to the false parent archetype. So during this time, spiritual reflection in order to forgive our parents, family issues, resolve pain related to gender role confusion, this is a part of working with the Law of Gender and restoring inner balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Because it requires that we clear mother, father distortions, recognizing sacred marriage with god, is the layers of our own inner male and female in energetic balance. Hieros Gamos is the representative of the 3 in 1, the Mother, the Father, and the Holy Son, which is the child through the sacred marriage between the Mother and Father, parent, the Christos child is born. As we resolve past pain with our false parent, we remove these karmic buttons that have been damaging or destroying our relationships and marriages in adulthood. Then we can be free to have relationships that are sourced in love and not karmic pain. The spiritual resolution of this will bring many of us an ability to experience the first relationships based purely on love without karmic history, without gender distortion. This is Hieros Gamos template or sacred marriage and Christos light which is possible on our planet now. So esoterically comprehending the universal Law of Gender is to perceive it far beyond biological limitation or physical classification and to know that the highest nature of gender principle is achieving unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is intrinsically integrated with cosmic sovereign Law of God or Law of One. Unity is the first practice of the law. This informs us that in order to be in harmony with the law and experience unity consciousness, we must seek to understand gender principles in our personal consciousness and intend to unify all of its aspects and archetypal forces that operate in gender based roles and their identity. The trinity of the godhead is unity that expresses itself in different aspects, but it creates life in the same way a human being creates life, through Hieros Gamic union of the gender principles. This is what gives life and is known in different names, but we refer to it as the cosmic Christos Sophia eternal light. So as we move through these turbulent times, let us remember that love is the answer.

As always, only take what’s useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you so much for listening to this very long class. This was packed full of information that was very challenging to make it into a quick summation. I hope that it has been helpful and supportive. We’re going to take a short break and we’ll be back with our Q & A portion.

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