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The Little Book of Lykke (2017) is a treasure trove of useful tips and Scandinavian secrets for how to live a happier life. It reveals many fundamental facts that contribute to human happiness and shows how Danish society has fused them into everyday life. Author Meik Wiking also demonstrates how you can take these lessons and start incorporating them into your life, no matter where you live.

In Orwell’s Revenge (1994), author Peter Huber used a computer program to write a response to George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, 1984, using Orwell’s own writings and ideas. In doing so, Huber has constructed a completely different narrative, showing that despite fears of a totalitarian future, technology and the free market have instead become a force for good.

The Happiness Fantasy (2018) advances a provocative thesis, encapsulated in its title: our contemporary ideas about happiness amount to a fantasy that’s increasingly out of sync with reality and unable to deliver what it promises. By taking a whirlwind tour of the history of this fantasy, we can begin to see through its illusions.



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