Libros para reparación del cerebro – Concusiones – Daniel G. Amen.

The cost to do a brain scan in Amen Clinks is about $3,500.
The brain activity he says he sees in these scans — areas of high and low activity — allows him to target those areas with specific treatments and medication, he says. A full initial session, including two scans, costs about $3,500.Aug 9, 2012

Daniel Amen is the most popular psychiatrist in America. To …

$25, audible más kindle.

Casco frío, en vez del EEB sleep, para enfriar la cabeza.  $70 // usar el código de Ben Green Field para tener 10% de descuento(buscar en el internet).

Concussions: A Must-Listen Podcast If You Or A Loved One Have Ever Had A Head Injury.

Why You May Have A Head Injury Or Concussion (Even If You Don’t Know It) And What To Do About It.

How to Feed a Brain: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair

Feel Better Fast and Make It Last: Unlock Your Brain’s Healing Potential to Overcome Negativity, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, and Trauma

Daniel G. Amen, MD

The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging, and Achieve Optimal Wellness


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