Mejores suplementos para mejorar la fluidez verbal.

Aniracetam + TAU(triacetyluridine) 74 dólares en Amazon.

Indice del video «10 Simple Nootropic Stacks That Changed My Life»

00:18 What Is Nootropic Stacking? 00:50

#1: Caffeine + L-Theanine for Energy And Calmness 02:39

#2: Memory Retention and Verbal Fluency 04:01

#3: Citrulline Malate + Beta Alanine for Workouts 06:10

#4: Rhodiola Rosea + Bacopa Monnieri for Work Fatigue 07:23

#5: Business Efficiency and Conversations 08:49

#6: Ashwagandha + Bacopa Monnieri for Stress Management 10:23

#7: Valerian Root + Lemon Balm Extract for Sleep 11:35

#8: Taurine + Vitamin B + Caffeine for Energy + Productivity Boost 12:50

#9: L-Tyrosine + Caffeine For Concentration, Productivity, Weight Loss 14:10

#10: Noopept + Caffeine + L-Theanine for Heightened Focus, Concentration

Phosphatidylcholine mientras haces ejercicios de fluidez verbal. $28 para 30 días, $1 por día.


Uridine Monophosphate: Dubbed a «super nootropic» in and of itself, Uridine is the powerful hitter in the Cortex stack. Enhancing deep focus, high level motivation, strong mental energy and working memory, Uridine is the emporer of brain performance enhancement.

Artichoke Extract: Energy is king in a nootropic stack, and artichoke extact is a powerful cAMP facilitator, helping energy production and signaling among neurons in the brain.

Cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine: The strongest and most potent choline source on the planet, «CDP» choline delivers strong motivation, focus, and memory, and forms a strong synergy with Uridine monophosphate for the target of neurogenesis.

Bacopa Monnieri: Clinically proven to help extend the length and function of axons and dendrites, allowing neurotransmitters to fire with ease, and regulating Serotonin flow by up-regulating the SERT, Bacopa plays a powerful role in making Cortex the perfect stack.


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