Platos Morados de Nikola Tesla – Tesla Plates.

Nikola Tesla’s Purple Energy Plates


Wear the small plate in the pocket for more energy. There is no body contact necessary for the plate to work.

Place a glass of water on the small plate for just three minutes and taste the difference. The water is energized by the life force energy.

Travelers use the small plate to prevent stomach upset caused by drinking water in other countries.

Place purchased bags of food on the large plate for approximately 15 minutes.

Place large plate in refrigerator(center shelf).

Food will last much longer(except for fresh meat and fish), and thermostat may have to be readjusted if food freezes.

Place plate under sick house plants.

Place a large plate beneath your computer monitor to counter the effects of EMR, reduce fatigue, and work in three feet bubble of positive energy.

Place small plate in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.

To energize crystals or decompose granite(or quartz sand), place material on the plate for 12 hours.

Scatter quartz sand or granite onto indoor or outdoor trees or plants to enhance growth.

Place 1 gallon of water on large plate and use to water plants(12 hours or overnight).

Use the plate on injured area of any living thing.

These plates will help raise the vibrational rate of any individual using them, and in no way can they ever be harmful. Many people place their food on the large plates when they are still in paper bags from the market. The recommended time is about 15 to 30 minutes.

Plate energy will change the taste of wine, for some reason, cheap wine improves and expensive wine becomes like vinegar. A plate that is placed on top of, or under, a vodka martini, will ruin the martini, it will come to taste like water. The taste of coffee changes, cigarettes become milder and pineapple, sweet, not sour tasting.

excellent product

I like the combination of three plates. I keep one in the refrigerator. The first time I cooked kids zucchini that were laying next to the plate, kids commented that zucchini tasted like they were just picked from the garden. After keeping water bottle on the small plate for 15-30 minutes, it tastes softer. Keeping large disk in the pocket throughout the day gives me more energy. Wonderful products!

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