Salud Consciente – Ben Greenfield – Monitor de Glucosa – Glucómetro.

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Freestyle – Fundas de sensor para Libre 1/2/3, impermeable, paquete de 36 parches adhesivos, cinta transparente CGM Overpatch que dura hasta 14 días, sin agujero, HECHUAN (36 unidades (paquete de 1)) $10, $0.28/parche.

SKIN Grip Medtronic Guardian, Freestyle Libre, parches adhesivos Enlite. Parches CGM precortados. Protección de monitor de glucosa constante. Cinta impermeable, Bronceado, 20, $25.00, $1.25/parche.

Glucómetro en mercado libre $20

Constant glucose monitor.

The Levels membership is $199 per year and includes:

  • 📱 Access to the Levels App 
    • Personalized feedback, insights and actions to help you see and improve how food, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle choices affect your health.
    • Content that is actionable, easy to understand and rooted in research.
    • Challenges that allow you to experiment with food combinations, exercise and context to see how they impact your glucose response.
  • 🎤 Growing Community
    • Opportunities to participate in community challenges to better understand the impact of certain foods on your glucose levels.
    • Levels Facebook group to connect with other members and the Levels team.
    • Opportunities to join Q&As with key thought leaders (such as Dr. Lustig and Dr. Sinclair).
    • We’re excited to share a series of new community initiatives in the coming months – keep an eye out for ways to get involved with the Levels community.
  • Products and Services
    • 📦 Convenient Access to CGMs for $199 for 28 days. We know it’s important to lower this price over time to improve access and affordability, and we’re working on it! As soon as we can lower costs, we’ll pass the savings on to you. You can sign up for a subscription at
    • 🩸 Metabolic Blood Tests for $179 for each in-home sample collection to measure the progress of your metabolic health while using Levels. Your results will show in-app, and include content from our expert advisory board. Learn more at Metabolic Health Panel.
    • 👩⚕️ One-on-one Nutrition Coaching. We’ve partnered with experienced nutritionists at the forefront of metabolic health to offer 1:1 coaching for members who’d like additional guidance. These independent nutritionists set their own prices and collect 100% of the fees. Learn more in the Explore tab of the app.

When you first sign up for Levels, the total cost will be $398 USD. This includes the first month of continuous glucose monitors (two 14-day CGMs) at $199 + the annual membership fee of $199.



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