Sardinia Italia – Tiana – El pueblo social y longevo.

Invertir para ir a vivir en Sardinia, Italia. Pero no es una buena inversión.

To qualify, you should aim to:

Settle in a small Sardinian town with fewer than 3,000 residents. Use the $15,000 for renovating a home. Make Sardinia your permanent residence and live there full-time. Register Sardinia as your official home within 18 months. Receive a government payment of €15,000.

The purpose?

Boost local economies and bring fresh vitality to small communities. And it’s not limited to Sardinia. In Calabria, new residents were promised $33,000 each. In the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, people were given grants of up to $52,022 to encourage them to move and contribute.

Would you move to Italy?

I’m curious to know if that was an influencer marketing move or not, cos it would be smart. Either way, I’m Sardinian, and I left to live abroad 10 years ago. I get that our government wants to repopulate the island, but at the same time the full truth is: you get that money and it’ll be over in no time. And then you’ll have no prospect. Sardinia’s only industry is a 3 months tourism one. Not even the full year. The infrastructure’s really poor, so it doesn’t allow for a full year tourism wave.

Salaries are below the poverty line, while worked hours 10-12 a day. I used to make 1000 euros a month.

Salaries are below the poverty line, while worked hours 10-12 a day. I used to make 1000€ a month for those hours and I was even «lucky». Heating and electricity cost 30% more than other regions. There’s literally NOTHING TO DO IN THE WINTER. Very small villages live 60-70 years in the past in terms if mentality and opportunities. Obviously in the summer, it feels amazing cos geographically it’s a paradise. But I’m sorry, I need to give transparency to people. If this is what they’re looking for in life, all good. But they deserve to know the truth before hand.



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