Slim Spurling – Anillo Tensor y Radionics.

“When you create a closed loop coil, energy begins to flow and the laws of physics go out the window. They may be the simplest, most efficient source of energy there is…gathering it and condensing it freely from space.”

Tensor Fields restructure electromagnetics to where they are beneficial to the human body.  A recent bio-feedback study with the Cell Phone Tab shows that using a smart phone with the Cell Tab affixed to the phone case, aligns Chakras and energy bodies, as well as makes organs function better.

Light life technology

The Sacred Cubit length (20.6 inches) was the measurement used in the construction of the first Light-Life® Ring. Another cubit length, the Lost Cubit, was discovered in 2000 by genius inventor and researcher, Hans Becker.


Light-Life Technology

Brian Besco

Acu-Vac Coil.







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