La ciudad de Kansas es de las ciudades con menor congestión de tráfico según el link de arriba.;

VICE: What would plans for the perfect town include?
Matt Richards: Walkability—which means that all the facilities you would expect are within an easy walking distance, so people can use their legs and get some exercise. There would be less of a need for people to be sitting in their cars all day. You need a decent center with good amenities available—shops, restaurants, and cafes. These also provide employment, so people can work in the town as well as live there.

You also need access to green spaces within a ten-minute walking distance. Decent architecture is essential—if you look at towns like Oxford and Bath, its their attractive architecture that turns them into a place where people would like to visit. And when a town looks great, people foster a sense of pride about it.

In terms of housing, there must be a range of neighborhoods, so you don’t create ghettos. Don’t lump all types of housing in one distinct area—creating a mixed population will contribute to the success of the place.



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