West Beacon Farm – Inglaterra.


West Beacon Farm is the family home of Tony and Angela Marmont; the house and land have been converted to demonstrate an integrated sustainable energy generation network, which provides independence from fossil fuels and nationwide distribution networks, as well as significantly enhancing the natural ecology of the 50 acre rural farmstead.

Our site is also home to the production laboratory of Fuels From Air Ltd, a specialist company creating fully carbon neutral fuel. For more information please click here.



Key Site Statistics

Hydro Power
1.5 KWp

Hydro Power

Utilising the lake and natural stream on the premise to boost power production.
Solar Power

Solar Power

The site now boasts 19KWp worth of Solar PV generation, generating on average 13 MW of power per year for the site.
Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Two 25KWp Wind Turbines provide a large percentage of the power consumed on site.

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