BrainGym – – Neurofeedback, Variabilidad del Corazón, Biofotomodulación – Entrenamiento para producir ondas Gamma.

Supports above and Samsung Galaxy S7. Requirements to check for different manufacturers/models: BLE 4.2; RAM 4GB+; CPU 4 Core+ 1.8GHz+; iOS version 13 and above; Android version 8 and above.;;;;

Synchrony rewards: in some programs, when the timing of your targeted brainwaves is in sync across your head, you will be rewarded with bell sounds and visuals like a glowing waterfall.

Power Rewards: when your targeted brainwaves increase in power, you will be rewarded with a burst of sparkles and you will hear an instrument play a note.

Streaks: streaks are a great way to track your progress. For eyes open training a glowing lake or galactic dust will light up when you are on a streak.

Paola Telfer, fundadora.

Para tener contacto por medio de Indiegogo. depósito de $100, entrega entre abril y junio. Precio final 1200 dólares.

Jose, thanks for backing Make Your Brain Sharper, Faster, Better. Your contribution ID is #39. Ships on May 22, desde el 2 de noviembre del 2021, hasta mayo del 2022, en 7 meses.

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Gamma brainwaves have been observed or believed to be high in great geniuses like Newton, Einstein, Tesla and many others. Gamma neural stimulation is currently being studied for its ability to help fight off cognitive decline and keep your brain young for many years longer. The benefit list was growing by the minute.

But the biggest benefit of gamma may be in what it does for your meditation. You see, high gamma is not just for geniuses— research has shown up to 700-800% higher levels of gamma in the world’s most advanced meditators, i.e. monks or Lamas with 40,000 to 50,000 lifetime hours of meditation.

Gamma is what creates that feeling of oneness, bliss, compassion. In fact, one study found that when monks meditate on compassion, their gamma levels increase. This was first documented in the case study about a monk named, Mattieu Ricard, who researchers called “the world’s happiest man”—due to his superhuman gamma levels.

There were gamma Programs that could help with memory, intelligence, cognitive performance, meditation, and more.

But there are also dozens of other brainwave Programs that included alpha, theta, delta and something called beta-SMR. All of which help with stress and fatigue, enhance creativity and focus, and more. I couldn’t believe it. They even created a whole game inside the app that you play, where you go on an interstellar journey, training your brain along the way as you try to save your home planet. It made the whole neurofeedback journey even more fun and positively addictive.

Yes on auto adjustment of threshold, over time, it will adjust to your mind wandering levels too so purposely thinking is not going to help you brain train.
Yes, cooldowns and training durations will automatically adjust.
For introspection, if you want to do rewiring there are recommended meditations with the Boost primer.For Clarity, Introspection, or any other training program, try to sustain your attention on the instrument(s). If you want to take it further do a Boost primer with a recommended meditation.
In Theory No Risk of Overtrainning.
These methods have a long standing track record. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies showing efficacy and safety of these methods. Even recorded rare instances of overtraining are more like working out too hard at the gym and would have temporary effects like a headache.’s technology is a closed loop system which means we are constantly monitoring the brain to see its response – this takes out the guesswork so there is no overtraining. We adapt to your unique brain in real-time. While Neurotherapy is largely considered safe for all patients, we always advise consulting with your doctor before implementing any new treatments, even if they are non-invasive ones like Neurotherapy.
​We have also implemented a gated training program that anticipates important exercises before advancing to higher skillsets. Check out the «Unlocks» section of our Programs page for more information on this.

Neurotherapy At Home

Awaken Your Genius in 20 minutes a day. Train peak mental states and elevate your performance and mental well-being. is the first to democratize gamma training – the key to cognitive longevity and peak performance.

Breakthrough personalized technology for neurofeedback, light stimulation therapy and HRV training.

20+ Programs to unlock including Clarity, Concentration and Deep Work. Optional integrated meditation talk tracks.

Awaken Your Genius

Emails enviado el 2 de noviembre:

Hi, how are you? My name is José Córdova, some minutes ago I invested in the; I am very exited to have done this investment.


I am writing to see if I can have the contact of the founders of this technology, because I would like to see if they can keep incorporating other technologies into their great idea.


I have invested in the NeoRhythm, and in Mendi, I want to invest also in a Neuvana.


So I wanted to see if they can use something like the NeoRhythm to help the brain with pemf to shift the frequencies, also if they can incorporate the Neurofeedback done by Mendi at the same time with the EEG Neurofeedback, and also since the uses speakers, they can incorporate something like the Neuvana to stimulate the vagus nerve.


I stack some technologies at the same time while using the Muse Head Band and the Mendi and see that I get super relaxed, so I think maybe you can work with this 3 companies to do a joint venture to fuse this technologies in one device.


The idea of fusing all the technologies in the its great! I hope the 7 months will pass fast to experience your device and hopefully the device will be shipped on May. Thanks!





Will my phone or tablet work with
Yes, it supports both phones and tablets. And yes we support both iOS and Android operating systems. iPhone 8 and above and Samsung Galaxy S7 and above are supported. Requirements to check for different manufacturers/models: BLE 4.2; RAM 4GB+; CPU 4 Core+ 1.8GHz+; iOS version 13 and above; Android version 8 and above.

I Spent $150,000 on Biohacking My Brain Performance — Only to Discover That a New $1,000 Device Can Do Everything I Ever Dreamed of.

I couldn’t believe they’d manage to get all of this into one device. I was so excited that I not only committed to pre-ordering 10 units for my team, I invested in the company.

“I just did a week-long neurofeedback intensive. I was the greatest experience of my life. You need to do this.”

“I’M IN.” I told him immediately.

I didn’t even need to know the details (despite the fact that the price of this “intensive” was over $15,000.)

Just a couple of months later, I did that same experience — which focused on alpha brainwave training. I never realized how powerful neurofeedback could be for releasing past trauma, fear, doubt and limiting beliefs. But it was absolutely the case for me.

That week changed my life.

I continued to do neurofeedback intensives, including training multiple brainwaves — like SMR, gamma and theta. My performance continued to grow. I was becoming a world-class CEO. I could work all day at a high level, be creative, be present for my wife and loved ones, and never miss a beat.

It was amazing. Our main business, BiOptimizers has continued to nearly double — year after year — and much of that is thanks to the gains I’ve made in doing neurofeedback.

In the $150,000 I spent on optimizing my brain using multiple technologies, supplements and more — I believe that neurofeedback has given me the highest return on investment.

Sure, the intensive model is great. It changed my life. But it’s expensive. And time-consuming (when you factor in travel, it’s up to 9-10 days away from work and family). Most people can only do one intensive a year — if at all.

What about the rest of the year?

Seeing the gains I’d made from just doing one neurofeedback intensive solution a year, I wanted a way to do professional grade neurofeedback at home each day.

I wanted this so badly, I went so far as to invest in a $10,000 professional system.

  • It could train all of the major waves — gamma (the brainwave of advanced monks), theta (the brainwave of deep insight, healing and strategic thinking), SMR (for stress management and psychological resilience), and alpha (for joy and creative flow).
  • There was no gel or complex software required — just moisten the electrodes on the wireless headset with water and strap it on. It syncs to your phone and you can begin training immediately. This saves 30-45 minutes off the normal process, which for business people, is the difference between doing it or not.
  • It was completely guided — their programs are like having an advanced practitioner guiding your process every step of the way. This is something I had at the $15,000 intensives but was lacking in my other expensive home system. With, I was being shown the way to train my brain for peak performance, healing, better meditation, stress resilience, and more.
  • Plus, they include two other breakthrough technologies — heart-rate variability and photobiomodulation (PBM). I had spent over $3,000 on other devices that incorporated these technologies, which are incredibly powerful and researched ways to enhance brain performance through better nervous system regulation and — in the case of PBM — an immediate boost in brain electricity without caffeine or stimulants of any kind.


1) As we replied to you on this in the first email, you can choose to have either your eyes open or eyes closed for Calm Heart. This will be your preference!  With eyes closed, you will be able to tell you are in the desired frequency as the audio sounds of the sparkles will become louder and more frequent. If you do the session with eyes open, notice the sounds when you see the sparkles light up. This is the sound that will indicate to you that you are in the desired state, so you can detect it when you have your eyes closed.
2) Yes – the signals reading to 100% (including the heart rate sensor), simply mean that you have a clean signal (i.e. they are all able to read both your brainwaves and your heart rate). All 4 of these are continuously monitoring simultaneously for the desired state. This state is a combination of different parts of the brain + heart rate. When you reach that state, the audio and visual cues will light up! You will see in your results, what every measurement was. As a breakdown, these are the results:
Flow – The total time spent in the targeted training zone.Streak – Your longest time spent in the target state during a session.Recovery – your average time to recover after exiting the target state.Coherence – Heart Coherence is indicative of brain-heart connectivity.HRV – A measure of the normally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate.
3) Boost Mode uses light stimulation to prime you for a desired peak state. Boost’s are personalized. The Headset’s sensors read your brainwaves and adapt the light to your unique brain rhythms for the desired outcome. So the sensors are reading your brain continuously to provide you with just the right amount of light stimulation to get you in that desired state. Boost mode is passive, so you can simply lie back and relax with the sounds. The device does the work for you to get you into that state. You can also pair your Boost with a meditation to help amplify the effects of the Boost. The number you get at the end of this session is the personalized frequency that was used during the session.
4) The wavelength of light used in the headset has been carefully selected to optimally penetrate biological tissue. This wavelength of light is just barely visible to the human eye. Hair does absorb some of this light which is accounted for by the power of our LEDs, and the distance they are placed.
5) You set the pace for your Missions! So yes, if you train more times per week, you will get through your Mission faster. Then you will have the ability to choose a new one and unlock more levels quicker.
6) Calm Heart is always available, so do feel free to use that as much as feels joyful for you! There are no known negative effects to this, but as always – choose what feels best for you! electrodes are along the midline to target the rich club network of the brain. The rich club network encapsulates 12 large scale networks. The 3 most prominent ones that is able to train are the Salient Network, the Default Mode Network and the Executive Network.

Training with Neurofeedback we train flexibility, efficiency and improved connectivity in these large scale brain networks. Whereas the Photobiomodulation increases efficient blood flow to these brain networks which increases oxygenation, nutrients and waste removal. Better blood flow decreases inflammation. Further, with Photobiomodulation mitochondrial fission, fusion and biogenesis is increased; these will in turn improve myelination and neurogenesis. By targeting the rich club network of the brain we are able to affect the following key large scale brain networks:

Default Mode Network.

The Default Mode Network is the mind at passive rest and wandering. It is responsible for self-referential thoughts, thoughts about others, thoughts about past and future. Within the DMN the Posterior Cingulate Cortex (PCC) is integrated into all these functions; and it is a major focus of the system. The DMN is active when the mind is not fully present with the task at hand. It is the source of our internal chatter.

Executive Networks.

The Executive Network is our source of intense focus and creative problem solving. It helps us manage working memory and make decisions during goal oriented activities. The Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) is a major component of this network and a focus for’s system. It is worth noting that the prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate as a part of this network are important actors in the stress response.

Salient Network.

The Salient Network discerns what is important; this includes information both from within the mind and from external inputs. It then manages the shifting between the Default Mode Network and the Executive Mode Network. The Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) is a primary element of the Salient Network and a major focus of the system. It is worthy of note that the Salient Network also consists of the Amygdala and Hypothalamus which are major actors in the stress response.

  1. Is there a way to make the 2 Bluetooth connections faster?
  2. On the Train option, there are 3 worlds, the calm heart, the focus, and calm world. Are there more worlds? I ask this so I can understand how I get to use all the options. In this weblink: there is a list of all the programs. Is it possible to put all the worlds and the things that have to be accomplished to use the 9 programs?
  3. In the boost option, there is not the «still program», is this unlocked sometime?
  4. In boost programs and in the «Calm Heart» program, is there an option to make the sound cues more easy to know when I am in the zone, or when my brain is creating the desired frequencies and the heart variability is in sync? I ask this so with this feedback between the sound and the desired trained state is learned by my brain. When I do the boost programs and the Calm Heart, I am unable to differentiate when my brain is creating the desired frequencies. This doesn’t happen on the «Deep Calm» training where it is super easy to know when my brain is not creating the desired frequencies.
  5. I had a muse head band with 3 sensors that trained the prefrontal cortex, I have the focus calm head band with 3 sensors that train the prefrontal cortex, I have the Mendi head band that trains to increase blood flood to the prefrontal cortex. I did 55 sessions with and they used the NeXus-10 MKII Biofeedback & Neurofeedback System to measure the brainwaves. Also, with they did put the sensors in some parts of the brain like the prefrontal cortex, or in places to treat the amygdala to reduce fear. I wrote support of and they told me that “ electrodes are along the midline to target the rich club network of the brain. The rich club network encapsulates 12 large scale networks. The 3 most prominent ones that is able to train are the Salient Network, the Default Mode Network and the Executive Network”; I know that you are experts at what you do and how you designed the, I just want to understand more about this salient network, and in the web page I am unable to understand why more about the Salient Network because I cant find in the science resources the information about the Salient Network.
  6. Is there a way I can put my favorite song to train with the programs, so I condition my brain with something that I already like, and when I am not training with the, if I listen to my favorite song, trough the conditioning effect I can put my brain on the desired state. This is what they did with the BrainBoost program.


Thanks for your help. Jota.

Disrupted Functional Rich-Club Organization of the Brain Networks in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, a Resting-State EEG Study

what is the rich club network of the brain?

The «rich club» network in the brain refers to a concept in network neuroscience that describes a set of highly interconnected and densely linked regions within the brain’s neural network. In simpler terms, it’s like a social club where the most influential and well-connected members are closely linked to each other.

In the context of brain networks, a rich club is composed of regions or nodes that have a disproportionately high number of connections (edges) compared to what would be expected based on chance. These highly connected regions are considered to be crucial for integrating information and facilitating efficient communication across different parts of the brain.

The concept of a rich club network has gained attention due to its potential importance in understanding how different brain regions collaborate and exchange information. Researchers believe that the rich club regions play a critical role in supporting complex cognitive functions and coordinated brain activity.

The concept of rich club organization is not limited to the brain; it’s a pattern that can be observed in various types of networks, such as social networks, transportation networks, and the internet. In each case, the idea is that a small subset of nodes holds a disproportionately high number of connections, which helps facilitate efficient communication and information transfer across the network.

Research into the rich club network of the brain has provided insights into how different brain regions interact and contribute to cognitive processes. By studying these highly connected regions, researchers aim to better understand the underlying principles of brain organization and how disruptions in these networks might be associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders.


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