BrainGym – TMS – Transmagnetic Cranial Stimulaiton.

Theta-burst stimulation: a new form of TMS treatment for depression? Cheaper than TMS.

1250 dolares un TMS en Ebay, solo que lo malo es que no se encuentra el fabricante.

Neurostar en 12 mil dólares en Ebay.


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What is Re5 NTS?

Re5 NTS is an abbreviation of «Re5-Neuro Treatment System». The Re5 NTS system consists of a pulse generator and 7 coils which are attached with Velcro tape and can be placed on the patient’s head. The coils transmit electromagnetic pulses to the brain that in turn induces enhanced brain activity.

The Re5 NTS technology is based on T-PEMF.

Seguir buscando en Ebay y en el internet el TMS.

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