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I Spent $150,000 on Biohacking My Brain Performance — Only to Discover That a New $1,000 Device Can Do Everything I Ever Dreamed of.

I couldn’t believe they’d manage to get all of this into one device. I was so excited that I not only committed to pre-ordering 10 units for my team, I invested in the company.


“I just did a week-long neurofeedback intensive. I was the greatest experience of my life. You need to do this.”

“I’M IN.” I told him immediately.

I didn’t even need to know the details (despite the fact that the price of this “intensive” was over $15,000.)

Just a couple of months later, I did that same experience — which focused on alpha brainwave training. I never realized how powerful neurofeedback could be for releasing past trauma, fear, doubt and limiting beliefs. But it was absolutely the case for me.

That week changed my life.

I continued to do neurofeedback intensives, including training multiple brainwaves — like SMR, gamma and theta. My performance continued to grow. I was becoming a world-class CEO. I could work all day at a high level, be creative, be present for my wife and loved ones, and never miss a beat.

It was amazing. Our main business, BiOptimizers has continued to nearly double — year after year — and much of that is thanks to the gains I’ve made in doing neurofeedback.

In the $150,000 I spent on optimizing my brain using multiple technologies, supplements and more — I believe that neurofeedback has given me the highest return on investment.

Sure, the intensive model is great. It changed my life. But it’s expensive. And time-consuming (when you factor in travel, it’s up to 9-10 days away from work and family). Most people can only do one intensive a year — if at all.

What about the rest of the year?

Seeing the gains I’d made from just doing one neurofeedback intensive solution a year, I wanted a way to do professional grade neurofeedback at home each day.

I wanted this so badly, I went so far as to invest in a $10,000 professional system.

  • It could train all of the major waves — gamma (the brainwave of advanced monks), theta (the brainwave of deep insight, healing and strategic thinking), SMR (for stress management and psychological resilience), and alpha (for joy and creative flow).
  • There was no gel or complex software required — just moisten the electrodes on the wireless headset with water and strap it on. It syncs to your phone and you can begin training immediately. This saves 30-45 minutes off the normal process, which for business people, is the difference between doing it or not.
  • It was completely guided — their programs are like having an advanced practitioner guiding your process every step of the way. This is something I had at the $15,000 intensives but was lacking in my other expensive home system. With Sens.ai, I was being shown the way to train my brain for peak performance, healing, better meditation, stress resilience, and more.
  • Plus, they include two other breakthrough technologies — heart-rate variability and photobiomodulation (PBM). I had spent over $3,000 on other devices that incorporated these technologies, which are incredibly powerful and researched ways to enhance brain performance through better nervous system regulation and — in the case of PBM — an immediate boost in brain electricity without caffeine or stimulants of any kind.



If it weren’t for neurofeedback, I would be dead right now. I truly mean that. I used to have phycotic rages that would last about an hour. They would happen out of nowhere and I would get arrested because I looked like I was on meth… I was always being accused of being on meth by the police. I was so close to suicide. I couldn’t live this way.

I didn’t just want to numb it out with medication. I knew that someone out there in the world would know the answer! My mom and I, when I was 17, were introduced to neurofeedback. We found someone who really knew what they were doing. He did a scan of my entire brain. It turns out, due to a brain injury I had as a child, the area in the brain where emotions are stored, wasn’t connected to anything. My brain injury is from a brain tumor that I had removed. The surgery left scar tissue that prevented a piece of my brain from connecting with the rest of it. As the neurofeedback specialist put it, “The motor is running but it’s not hooked up to anything(the rest of the brain).” .

So I’ve been working with this guy for 3 years now. We’ve been using electrodes to help that one part of my brain to communicate with the rest of my brain. It’s been awesome! So basically, the energy would build up in my brain where my emotions are but it would have no way to escape because of my scar tissue in there. The energy would build up over the course of days and then, I would have an episode of intense rage because of all the energy that had been trapped in there. Then the whole thing would start over again a few days later. So now the whole brain is communicating and that one spot is no longer it’s own little “island”. It sounds like science fiction!



I have been involved with both research and clinical practice for over 14 years now in this field. As a practitioner I have seen near miraculous results and have had very few people respond negatively to Neurofeedback. I was originally trained by a Neuropsychologist here in Orlando and then went on to extensive training by one of the pioneers in Neurofeedback, Richard Soutar, Ph.D. He has published several books on Neurofeedback including Mind Fitness with Adam Crane, The Automatic Self and a self published book called Doing Neurofeedback that is part of the curriculum of the only web course approved by the BCIA. I completely agree with Scott on «A Symphony in the Brain». We usually recommend it to our patients who are considering Neurofeedback for OCD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD.

At our clinic in Orlando FL we see people from all walks of life but specialize in ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and Stroke. Neurofeedback has positively impacted most of our patients. Even though some respond much later into our 30 session program, most show the first signs of change within the first 5-10.

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