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Shreta Dupree (Neurosity)

Nov 22, 2022, 13:58 GMT-5

Hi Jose, Yes, due to a chip shortage, there is a backorder for our Crown devices. It will take 4-6 months for shipping. The best option we have available would be to rent the crown using our membership. It is $99/month and you have the option to switch to buy. Membership monthly installments paid to date can be converted to a discount towards a brand-new Crown. The discount goes up to $297 dollars. For example, a membership at month 2 equals $198 dollars off a new Crown. A membership at month 3 or later equals $297 dollars off.The rental Crowns will ship out within 7 business days. The Neurosity app does not help with relaxation or meditation training. However, we have partnered with a company called Divergence. Their app does provide help with meditation, relaxation, etc. You can contact them here for more information: https://www.divergenceneuro.com/ Best,Shreta



Link con diferentes suscripciones mensuales, desde 400 dolares al mes, a 320 dólares al mes, a 60 dólares al mes.

Plataforma que hace súper fácil utilizar todos los beneficio del Neurofeedback, ver el video de Diverge Neuro – Intro de abajo.

Treatment and Protocol Design

Gone are the days of complicated software to design and deploy individualized treatment programs and protocols!

The Divergence Neuro Platform allows you, the therapist, to easily define treatment programs that include a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessments and predefined or custom treatment protocols. The platform will allow you to easily create a new assessment or protocol using simple point-and-click to define questions and answers, choose EEG devices, channels, thresholds and feedback modalities.



Costo por mes 400 260 100
Personas 30 15 5
Costo por persona 13 17 20

+ la suscripción del Neuromeditation Institute.

Divergence Neuro – Intro


Webinar – What is Divergence and how are we changing the world of Neurofeedback




The Best EEG Brain Computer for Programmers: Notion 2 from Neurosity

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with BCI Neurofeedback (Dr. Jeff Tarrant Interview)



What is NeuroMeditation?

Focus Meditation: Voluntary control of attention and cognitive processes. This style might be best for you if you want to improve your focus and concentration and reduce your mind wandering.

Mindfulness Meditation: Dispassionate, non-evaluative awareness of ongoing experience. You might choose to practice this style if you want to get better at letting things go and reducing internal judgment.

Quiet Mind Meditation: Automatic transcending of the procedures of the meditation practice that leads to an open awareness. This practice is ideal if you are interested in minimizing internal self-talk and learning to achieve a state of restful awareness.

Open Heart Meditation: Activation of positive emotional states (e.g., love, compassion, peace) along with an unrestricted readiness to help all living beings. Meditations in this category are ideal for increasing empathy, generosity and perspective taking.


Open Heart EEG NeuroMeditation

The Future of NeuroHealth is Here with Alex Ni, Dr. Jeff Tarrant and Heather Hargraves


The Crown hardware comes with a software platform with an API. Other companies, like Drowzee, are plugging into the device and working to treat insomnia with what it can tell them. They are currently undergoing clinical trials, Neurosity says.

Esta plataforma Drowzee entrena a las personas para dormir mejor.


Sharing technology, not brains

Neurosity is in the process of developing more apps to work in conjunction with the crown but its approach is collaborative. The Crown is available to developers that want to create the next generation of neuro apps. Companies like Drowzee, another neurotech startup, are already undergoing clinical trials for treating insomnia with the Crown.

Hack your Brain Waves with this Device! The Crown by Neurosity

Divergence Unveils New Mobile EEG Neurofeedback Platfor


Divergence Neuro Technologies Announces Partnership with Amazing Brains

Toronto, ON and Denver, CO (November 8, 2021) – Today Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc. (Divergence) and Amazing Brains Performance Centre (Amazing Brains) are announcing that they have entered into a joint collaboration for Amazing Brains to use Divergence and  the Divergence Neuro Platform for Therapists to develop and to provide better research tools, processes, and consulting to help discover novel ways to identify and validate treatment for the symptoms of various psychological conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and depression. A key first goal of this collaboration will be to introduce the remote neurofeedback assessment and treatment modality to the Amazing Brains Clinic.

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