Neurofeedback y psicodélicos.

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Divergence funciona con Neurosity.

Divergence Launches Platform Beta to Pre-registered Users

Divergence Neuro – Intro


Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCN

NeuroMeditation Institute Director

Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain: Integrating Neuroscience Strategies for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression & PTSD,

Neurofeedback Therapy and Psychedelics | Heather Hargraves ~ ATTMind 141.

55:57 Combining psychedelic-induced neurofeedback with actual psychedelics & Using neurofeedback therapy to assist integration on the neurobiological level 1:00:05 Using neurofeedback and microdosing to repair brain damage.

They talk about the use of psychedelics to heal the brain. I was wrong about getting the people to a gamma state, the talk about gettting the people like a psychedelic state to syncronize with each other.

At one hour and 13 minutes, the interviewer talks about synchronizing the headsets through a central hub that encourages the insula activation, and is directly wired with another person so the central hub and the reward is when the two persons insulas are firing the insulas in harmony with each other’s brain while looking at each other. 


Heather Hargraves talks about doing this in her lab where they do co-regulation, they get two people in a deep state psychedelic state, she calls it a dual sum squash, you have two people achieve this state collaboratively, to then achieve the reward, and she says that it is a wild thing because they could feel the other person like kind of coming it or not. 


She talks about the capacity of humans for limbic resonance.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with BCI Neurofeedback (Dr. Jeff Tarrant Interview)


Hacking the brain with open-source EEG and neurofeedback (Beyond Psychedelics 2018 talk)

Psilocybin-informed Neurofeedback – Heather Hargraves, Mapping The Mind 2018

Nurturing Awareness: Psychedelics and Neurofeedback | Heather Hargraves



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