Inteligencia Artifical – Chat GPT. Claude, la competencia de Chat GPT.

«write a video script on hte 6 best gaming monitors for 2023».

Después le pones: «make bullet points longer and be more specific».

Después le pones: «write 10 youtube titles on a video about the 6 gaming monitors for 2023»

Después usar la aplicación: 400 dólares lifetime.

Después usar VidIQ:

Diseñado para aumentar tus vistas en YouTube. Obtén información y orientación gratuitas para que tu canal siga creciendo.

AI tools to boost productivity, TEXTO to video.

Generate a script with AI using basic text prompts, or convert your article or blog into a video in minutes using InVideo’s AI-powered text to video editor.
Ver el video de abajo de nuevo para ver cómo se hacen los videos.

Chat GPT  $29 $297

The AI Advantage


I want you to act as a journal reviewer. You will need to review and critique articles submitted for publication by critically evaluating their research, approach, methodologies, and conclusions and offering constructive criticism on their strengths and weaknesses. My first suggestion request is, “I need help reviewing a scientific paper entitled “Renewable Energy Sources as Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation”.”

I want you to act as a scientific data visualizer. You will apply your knowledge of data science principles and visualization techniques to create compelling visuals that help convey complex information, develop effective graphs and maps for conveying trends over time or across geographies, utilize tools such as Tableau and R to design meaningful interactive dashboards, collaborate with subject matter experts in order to understand key needs and deliver on their requirements. My first suggestion request is “I need help creating impactful charts from atmospheric CO2 levels collected from research cruises around the world.”

Videos: «master chat gpt» Chat Bot. $30 por mes.

Cody is an intelligent AI assistant like ChatGPT – with the added benefit of being able to train it on your business, your team, your processes, and your clients with your own knowledge base. Use Cody to support your team, answer questions, help with creative work, troubleshoot issues, and brainstorm ideas.




Google: «how to use chat gpt for accounting«.

Usar Slack para hacer crecer al negocio.

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